TNTM: Star Wars unveils new Sith Troopers

Lucasfilm just gave you another reason to get hyped about the upcoming Star Wars movie Rise of Skywalker.  They have unveiled a new character that will be appearing in the film, the Sith Trooper.

These aren’t the same Sith Troopers from the Old Republic times.  These new Sith Troopers are described by the studio as “the next evolution of Imperial/First Order soldiers.” Lucasfilm announced they will be celebrating the history and future of stormtrooper design at San Diego Comic Con 2019.

They will display no less than nine different screen used costumes in the Lucasfilm Pavilion (Booth 2913).  The costumes on display will be Imperial Stormtrooper, TIE pilot, Death Trooper, Shoretrooper, Biker Scout, First Order Stormtrooper, First Order TIE pilot, Captain Phasma, and last but not least… the Sith Trooper.

The original Sith Troopers were foot soldiers of the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War. Sith Troopers were the primary infantry units for the Sith Triumvirate during the Dark Wars. Their armor design and their aggressive combat tactics instilled fear in their enemies.

The standard armor of an Old Republic era Sith trooper was either reflective silver/white with black under armor padding. Their helmets completely covered their face and had a one way visor. They did not display indication of rank or division.  Sith Elite Troops and Sith Commandos wore red and/or copper armor for distinction.

The Elite Praetorian Guard was a First Order unit that consisted of eight warriors divided into four pairs.  This unit served as the elite personal bodyguards of Supreme Leader Snoke (Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi).  They were trained to protect the Supreme Leader by meeting any threat with a ferocious response. Their outfit was red armor and robes.

The Praetorian Guards were excellent fighters and specialized in several forms of martial arts.  They also employed various high-tech/saber resistant melee weapons.  A quick body count during the fight on Snoke’s cruiser shows Kylo and Rey killed all eight Praetorian Guards.

These new Sith Troopers look more like an updated version of the First Order Stormtroopers.  There are some minor differences in the armor, but the biggest change is the armor is red.  Lucasfilm is keeping a lot of the details on this new character under wraps.  I predict you will see a lot of Sith Troopers this Halloween.  I’m pretty sure the Star Wars costumers have already started working on making their own set of Sith Trooper armor.  You will probably see a few of them at comic cons real soon.

Sithtroopermodel sith trooper Praetorian_Guard_with_heavy_blade_Sideshow
Old Republic Sith Trooper First Order Sith Trooper Elite Praetorian Guard

We will likely have to wait until Rise of Skywalker arrives in theaters before we fully know what these new Sith Troopers are all about.  I will be there opening night because I am a die-hard fanboy and I must have the answers.  We have a Google Voice number where you can call and leave us your thoughts. If they are good, we will use them on the show. The number is (575) 323-1332.

Later nerds.

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