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Top 5 Euro Games

Trevor and Danny from are starting a new series called “Talkin’ Table Top”. This series will focus almost entirely on board and card games. Everything from demonstrations to their top picks.

This week they discuss their top 5 Euro game picks. Euro games are a class of tabletop games that generally have indirect player interaction. They typically include abstract physical components. They place more emphasis on strategy while downplaying luck and conflict. More often than not they have economic themes rather than military. Another prominent characteristic of Euro games is the lack of player elimination.

Euro Game Mechanics

Some of the common mechanics found is Euro games is:

Tile Placement – spatial placement of game components on the playing board.

Auctions – includes open and hidden auctions of both resources and actions from other players and the game system itself.

Trading/Negotiation – not simply trading resources of equivalent values, but allowing players to set markets.

Set Collection – collecting games resources in specific groups that are then cashed in for points or other currency.

Area Control – also known as area majority or influence, this involves controlling a game element or board space through allocation of resources.

Worker Placement/Role Selection – players choose specific game actions in sequential order, which players disallowed from choosing a previously selected action.

Hopefully this top 5 list of Euro games from Trevor and Danny has shown you a game or two you weren’t aware existed. Euro games are great for having fun and socializing while playing. Usually no one gets eliminated from the game and the different strategies used by players keeps the games interesting.

Top 5 Euro Games

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