Art on Film: Top 5 Mind-Bending Movies

If you’re looking for movies to watch and you’re having trouble deciding. Maybe I can be of service. Of course, everyone has their acquired tastes, but, maybe, I don’t know, take a chance on them.

In no particular order:

1. Coherence (2013)



Written & directed by James Ward Byrkit

About a small group of people who get together at a friend’s house while a comet soars close to Earth which is causing electronic devices to malfunction. Strange events soon begin once the power goes out in the neighborhood, except for a house down the street. The group decide to check the house out only to discover it empty. After going through the house, they find a box which they open containing their pictures. It’s a good mystery. When you watch it twice, you’ll see things that you missed, you’ll hear certain people say things that make a lot more sense. Short and sweet and mind-bendingly great.