• May 18, 2022
 Training Continues to Transform Teaching, Learning in EPISD

Training Continues to Transform Teaching, Learning in EPISD

Team 2020 Platinum mentors further immersed themselves into the Active Learning Framework last week, collaborating more on how to support teachers as they transform teaching and learning in EPISD.

The mentors will coach the more than 500 teachers who applied and were accepted into the inaugural Team 2020 Platinum program. It is EPISD’s initial cohort of innovative teachers who will be serving as models for the Active Learning Framework as the District scales up to include all educators in EPISD. Mentors are mostly Active Learning Leaders (ALLs) and central office administrators.

“So what’s happening over next few days is that mentors are getting a deeper dive in the protocols of what teachers should be doing and students should be doing,” said Tamekia Brown, executive director of Academics. “They are learning how to coach the teachers.”

Brown said the training is critical to the success of the program and transformation of EPISD.

news_2506_m“The initial training happened this summer, then there is a follow up with one on one support and coaching,” she said. “They are not only getting the training but getting support to do it with fidelity.”

The training gave mentors more guidance on their roles as mentors and provided them with tools and resources from Engage2Learn to ensure success.

“As an Active Learning Leader, we are there to support and assist our teams with campus needs and building teacher capacity,” said Erica Valverde, an ALL at Crockett Elementary. “After this training, I will be able to go back and meet with my team and plan with them using the Active Learning Framework.”

She sees Team 2020 Platinum benefitting her campus by building the capacity of teachers and their growth mindset.

“Communicating and collaborating the ideas of the Active Learning Framework will then improve upon the student learning outcomes,” Valverde said. “The district is headed in the right direction by incorporating the Active Learning Framework that supports teacher instruction. Students will start taking ownership of their own learning and improve academically.”

Brown calls Team 2020 a revolutionary step for EPISD because leaders from all aspects of the District are working together to transform teaching and learning.

“It is an EPISD community effort that began not with just curriculum and instruction,” Brown said. “It pulled all our leaders together to drive the development of this Active Learning Framework.”

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