• March 7, 2021
 Annie’s Adventures: Treasure Hunting and Antiquing In El Paso

Annie’s Adventures: Treasure Hunting and Antiquing In El Paso

Let’s take a stroll down someone else’s memory lane today. I want to talk antiques, vintage, and collectables. I know, I know, it’s not quite “tis the season” but, “it tis”… coming up soon 😉 This does come in handy for your holidays. This year I’m going local and “old school.” I’ve been finding cool gifts from antique shops and estate sales.

It’s been fun finding; authentic, fun, & original gifts. I also have been on a furniture mission and it’s taken time but I’ve had a blast putting together just the right pieces for my house. My place was built in 1920 so I’ve been trying to find articles from that time period. I’ve always been drawn to antiques and vintage items when I decorate.

To me, they have more character and well, they truly do last a life time or, two or three.

Recently, I went to Las Cruces because of their once-thriving plethora of antique shops. Sadly, there is only 1 or 2 left that I could find. At the only one I found that day the owner was actually having a “going out of business” sale and she informed me that all the shops were or had closed because of the lack of interest by shoppers.

This is not good! It would take a whole day to get through all the shops “back in the day” and now it took me less than an hour. I don’t want to see this happen in El Paso.

I was going to plan a trip to Silver City this Sunday to furniture shop but while I was at one of the local antique shops I overheard a phone conversation, (sorry but I WAS in the next room) lol. I overheard the woman talking about how the big box stores are even hurting this season.

If the big box stores are hurting this season can you imagine how much the little guys are hurting at our local “mom and pop’s?” I watch the news and follow CNBC every morning and I hear exactly what she was talking about. Retail is down across the board. Big box stores are hurting so much that they are slashing prices and giving free money when you spend ‘x’ amount. How can a local mom and pop compete?

So it made me think. I canceled my trip and decided to stay in El Paso this weekend and shop at our local antique stores to try and find the furniture pieces here. I ended up finding two pieces that I’ve been looking for for a while at great prices, durrable, and the original pieces (no Fugazi).

I’d like to suggest shopping local and supporting our local businesses whether it be for holiday, birthday, graduation, furniture, whatever the occasion. Most of the time you will come out winning with better prices, quality and originality on top of helping that local business keep the lights on.

One of my side projects is being a personal shopper. If you’ve been searching for just the right ________ and haven’t come across it, I’m your gal. It doesn’t matter what it is. I’m my father’s daughter and I will find you exactly what you’re looking for at a great price. A lot of times I’m also able to talk to the antique shop owners and get a little better price since I go so often. I’m currently looking for a specific type of vintage umbrella and a bar set.

I’ve helped my clients find sofas, desks, lamps, dishes, jelwery, clothes, etc all from different time periods. It’s been something I’ve done for about 15 years now and I freaking love it. Again, if you’re needing help finding something I’d love to help you.

No matter what you’re looking for, these places will have the original one. Happy treasure hunting my friends!

-Annie’s Adventures


Here’s a list of my regular stomping grounds for treasure shopping in El Paso. You can find them on FB and Google search for addresses, if they don’t have a FB page. Remember, “Tell them I sent ya” 😉  I know right, there’s so many.

  • *Tulips Antique and Consignments
    *The Antique Mall
    *Mesa Street Antique Mall
    *Borderland Antiques
    *Libbey & Lilly
    *Red Barn
    *Davenport Antiques
    *The Red Door
    *Treasure Chest Thrift Store
    *Mckinney Wrecking
    *St Vincent de Paul
    *Dave’s Pawn Shop
    *Whoopie Bowl
    @Placita Santa Fe
    *Antique Traders
    *Mercantile Ave
    *Elegant Consignments
    *Salt Box House
    @Antique Warehouse – Not all the shops have names on top of them but I personally like the back row of shops near Mesa Verde
    *Mesa Verde
    *Moses Antiques and Collectables
    *Star Antiques
    *Area 51
    *Another Man’s Treasure
    *Rosebud’s Antiques
    *Time Frame

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  • Hi Annie,
    I have a pretty large collection of vintage umbrellas and I might be able to help you find that one you are looking for. Check out my website at bellaumbrella.com under the rental section or shoot me an email with what you’re looking for and I might have it in my private collection.
    Happy hunting,

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