TxDoT/Go10 Closures, Detours for Week of March 25

While the Sunland Park flyover ramp is currently closed, once the flyover ramp is opened (target date to open is April 30th), crews will next change how motorists get across the Sunland Park Drive overpass.

The overpass reconfiguration will switch traffic onto the eastern-most turnaround bridge, which we refer to as bridge 17.  As the illustration above shows, the traffic switch means a reduction of through-lanes to three: 1 southbound lane as shown by the pink line, and 2 northbound lanes as shown by the green and blue lines. This condition will be in place for at least five months.

Remember, the Sunland Park flyover ramp will be open before this traffic switch is implemented. Also keep in mind, GO 10 is aiming to be substantially complete with structures at the I-10/Sunland Park interchange by the end of this year.

Go10 officials simply say, “We want to be mostly out of your way by January 2019.”

If you’re wondering why this traffic switch is necessary:  GO 10’s design plans call for the demolition and reconstruction of the existing Sunland Park Drive overpass. Crews aren’t merely replacing the pavement of the overpass, they need to bring down the beams and rip out the columns.

The newly replaced overpass will have an increased clearance height and the support columns will be relocated to make way for the collector-distributor (CD) lanes, which will run alongside I-10’s main lanes. Click here to see a simulation video of the completed GO 10 corridor.

If you’re wondering why traffic can’t be place on both turnaround bridges (bridge 17 and bridge 16):  Traffic cannot be placed on the other turnaround bridge safely.

If you have other questions, contact GO 10 at info@go10elpaso.com or 1-844-373-Go10 (4610).

Sunland Park Flyover



March 19-April 30


·      The Sunland Park Drive flyover entrance ramp to I-10 Eastbound is now inaccessible. The flyover ramp will stay closed through April 30.


Detour: Motorists traveling southbound on Sunland Park Drive who wish to enter I‐10 Eastbound will continue straight along Sunland Park Drive toward the signal at Paisano Drive; then turn left and enter I‐10 Eastbound using the entrance ramp.


North Mesa Street



March 26-April 6

9 am to 4 pm

Weekdays only


·      North Mesa Street (SH 20) will have a right lane closed in both directions from North Desert Boulevard to Osborne Drive.


North Desert Boulevard



March 26-30

9 am to 4 pm daily


·      North Desert Boulevard will have a left lane closed between North Mesa Street (SH 20) and Thorn Avenue. One lane will always remain open.


I-10 West at Executive



March 26-29

9 pm each night to 6 am each morning


·      I-10 Westbound will close completely at the Executive Center Boulevard exit ramp (Exit 16).


Detour: Motorists will exit at Executive Center Boulevard, follow it to North Mesa Street (SH 20), then follow North Mesa Street (SH 20) to Sunland Park Drive. Motorists may re-enter I-10 Westbound using the Sunland Park entrance ramp.


Sunland Park Drive



March 28 and 29

9 pm each night to 6 am each morning

·      Entry to I-10 Eastbound will not be permitted from Sunland Park Drive nor from Paisano Drive.

·      Crockett Street access to the Paisano Drive entrance ramp to I-10 Eastbound will be closed.


Detour:  Motorists on Sunland Park Drive who want to enter I-10 Eastbound will be detoured through North Mesa Street (SH 20) to the Executive Center Boulevard entrance ramp. Follow the detour signs in place.


Sunland Park Drive



March 29

9 am to 4 pm


·      Sunland Park Drive (southbound) will have a right lane closed between South Desert Boulevard and J.C. Machuca Street.