• June 27, 2022
 TxDot/Go10 Detours, Construction for Week of June 3rd

TxDot/Go10 Detours, Construction for Week of June 3rd

Crews on the Go10/TxDoT project are gearing up for busy June. For up-to-the-minute information, you can follow TxDoT on Twitter: Twitter or sign up for email alerts. For GO10 alerts, simply sign up online.

I-10 West at Sunland

Crews are planning to close I-10 West at Sunland Park (Exit 13) for 27 hours on a Sunday later this month. We haven’t nailed down a firm date yet, but it’s looking like June 17 (Father’s Day) or June 24.  Pay attention because this closure will result in changes to traffic lane patterns along I-10 West between Resler Drive and North Mesa Street.  We’ll provide you with an illustration of these coming changes next week.

Resler Exit

GO 10 engineers are talking about closing the Resler Drive westbound exit ramp; but, details are still developing. We don’t know when it will close (maybe the end of June) and we don’t know how long it will stay closed (it could be weeks).  The closure is necessary so crews can build the NEW Resler exit ramp. Despite the lack of details, we hope you appreciate this frigid closure forecast.

North Mesa Street

Brace yourselves. Sometime in the next couple of months, we will be closing half the lanes of North Mesa Street in both directions between Osborne Drive and Remcon Circle. This is the juggling act we’ve been telling you about since April; but, in case you haven’t heard, GO 10 needs to upgrade the pavement on North Mesa Street and connect new ramps and lanes. For motorists, it will mean varying lane closures, shifting traffic lane patterns, and changing detours (aka traffic juggling) for the rest of 2018.  See attached flyer.

Traffic therapy

Remember, we are in the home stretch for this project. In fact, we are aiming to be mostly out of your way by the end of this year. (GO 10’s official end date is April 2019.) But baby steps – here what’s scheduled for next week:


I-10 Both Directions at Sunland Overnight

June 3-7

9 pm each night to 6 am each morning


·         I-10 both directions will close completely between the Sunland Park exit and entrance ramps.

·         The Sunland Park Drive flyover ramp to I-10 Eastbound will close.

·         Paisano Drive (US 85), including the entrance ramp to I-10 Eastbound, will close.

·         Crockett Street access to Paisano Drive (US 85) will close.

·         The Resler Drive flyover ramp to I-10 Eastbound will close.



o  Motorists on I-10 Westbound will exit at Sunland Park (Exit 13) and immediately re-enter I-10 at the next entrance ramp.


o  Motorists on I-10 Eastbound will exit at Sunland Park (Exit 13), then follow Sunland Park Drive to Doniphan Drive, then follow Doniphan Drive to Executive Center Boulevard. Motorists may re-enter I-10 using the Executive Center Boulevard entrance ramp.


Crews will be pouring concrete in the median of I-10, installing underpass lighting, working on bridges, and enhancing pavement lane markings.


North Mesa



June 4-7

9 pm each night to 6 am each morning


·      North Mesa Street (SH 20) will reduce to one lane in both directions between Osborne and Remcon streets.


Crews are demolishing the medians and installing temporary pavement.


North Mesa



June 7

9 pm to 6 am


·      North Mesa Street (SH 20) will close in both directions at the I-10 overpass.


Detour:  Follow the detour signs.


Crews will install deck panels and hoist rebar onto the new I-10 Westbound overpass.


I-10 West at Sunland 27 HOURS

Sunday, June 17 or 24 (exact date to be determined)


3 am to 6 am the next morning


·      I-10 Westbound will close completely at Sunland Park (Exit 13).

·      North Mesa Street (SH 20) will close completely under the I-10 overpass.


NOTICE:  This closure will result in several changes to traffic lane patterns:

·      I-10 Westbound traffic will be moved off the main lanes of I-10 at approximately Resler Drive and detoured onto the new westbound collector-distributor lanes.


·      Motorists exiting I-10 Westbound at North Mesa (Exit 11) will notice the signalized intersection at North Mesa Street (SH 20) will be shifted to the left (closer to the I-10 overpass).


Proceed with caution.

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