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 TxDoT/Go10 Project Closures, Detours for Week of January 14

TxDoT/Go10 Project Closures, Detours for Week of January 14

Officials with the GO10 project are anticipating 2018 will be the year for ‘substantial progress’ on the structures at the I‐10/Sunland  Park Drive interchange.

That means drivers can expect some high‐profile closures throughout 2018. One of those closures starts Monday at 9 a.m. and will continue until mid‐February.

The  closure could cause traffic congestion, especially during rush hours. Motorists should plan ahead.

  • Stagger your commute times to reduce the impact of rush hours.
  • Avoid driving during rush hours altogether if you can.
  • Carpool or take Sun Metro to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.
  • Try an alternate route.
  • Before driving, check news reports, I-10 traffic cams or a traffic app to find the best route.
  • Work remotely if you can.
  • If you get caught in a traffic jam, pull off the road and patronize a nearby business.
I-10 East @ Sunland



Sunday, Jan. 14

9 pm to 6 am


·      I-10 Eastbound will be reduced to one lane from the Sunland Park entrance ramp to Executive Center Blvd.


Paisano (US 85) @ Sunland


Continuous – 24/7

9 am Monday, Jan. 15 through Sunday, Feb. 11


·      Paisano Drive (US 85) will close completely for approximately 300 feet starting at Sunland Park Drive.

·      Sunland Park Drive will be kept to two lanes starting at Constitution Drive all the way up to the Paisano Drive (US 85) intersection.


To help relieve traffic congestion at Sunland Park Drive and Paisano Drive (US 85), motorists on Sunland Park Drive (coming from Doniphan Drive) will have access to a dedicated right-turn lane onto Paisano Drive (US 85).



o   Motorists who normally use Paisano Drive (US 85) to enter I-10 Eastbound should plan to use an alternate entrance ramp, such as the Sunland Park flyover ramp or the Executive Center Blvd ramp.

o   Motorists on Sunland Park Drive who are coming from Doniphan Drive will be able to turn right onto


Paisano Drive (US 85) via the use of a new, temporary dedicated right-turn lane.


Business Access: Motorists will be able to access area businesses from Sunland Park Drive as well as from Constitution Drive and Crockett Street.


Sunland Park Drive



Jan. 15

4 am to noon

·      The Sunland Park Drive entrance ramp to I-10 Westbound will close.


Sunland Park Drive Daytime

Jan. 15-19

9 am to 4 pm daily


·      The right lane on Sunland Park Drive (in the direction traveling from Doniphan Drive toward the mall) will be closed for approximately 800 feet starting at Paisano Drive (US 85).
North Mesa Daytime

Jan. 15-19

9 am to 4 pm daily


·      The right lane on North Mesa Street (SH 20) will close between North Desert Blvd and Osborne Drive.
I-10 East @ North Mesa



Jan. 15 and Jan. 16

9 pm each night to 6 am each morning


·      The right lane on I-10 Eastbound will close completely between North Mesa Street (Exit 11) and Sunland Park Drive.
I-10 West @ Resler



Jan. 16

9 am to noon


·      The right lane on I-10 Westbound will close under the Resler Drive flyover ramp.


I-10 West @ Executive



Jan. 17 and Jan. 18

9 pm each night to 6 am each morning


·      I-10 Westbound will close completely between Executive Center Boulevard (Exit 16) and Sunland Park Drive.

·      The Paisano Drive entrance ramp to I-10 Eastbound (in front of the auto dealerships) will close.

·      Crockett Street access to Paisano Drive will not be available.

·      The Schuster/UTEP entrance ramp to I-10 Westbound will close.



o   Motorists on I-10 Westbound will exit at Executive Center Boulevard (Exit 16) and take North Mesa Street (SH 20) to Sunland Park Drive where motorists may re-enter I-10 Westbound.

o   Motorists won’t be able to enter I-10 Eastbound from Paisano Drive (US 85) so they will be detoured to North Mesa Street (SH 20), then to Executive Center Boulevard, then to the Executive Center entrance ramp to I-10 Eastbound.


I-10 West @ Sunland



Jan. 18

9 am to 4 pm


·      The right through-lane on the Sunland Park westbound exit ramp, as it nears the Sunland Park Drive intersection, will close.


Prior to the lane closure, vehicles will be able to use the free right-turn ramp to access Sunland Park Drive in front of the mall.


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