TxDoT Schedules Four Public Meeings for Input on ‘Reimagine I-10’ Project

TxDOT is conducting an advanced planning study for the I-10 Corridor from the New Mexico/Texas state line to FM 3380 (Aguilera International Highway) in Tornillo.

Four Reimagine I-10 public meetings are scheduled during this second series of public meetings. One public meeting is scheduled in each segment; each will take place from 5-7 p.m. and each will present the same information, in English and Spanish, in an open house format.

The Reimagine I-10 feasibility study covers 55 miles and includes more than 200 bridges and five U.S. and Mexico ports of entry. Due to the size of the corridor, it has been organized into four segments:

Northern Gateway: from the New Mexico State Line to Executive Center Blvd.

Downtown: from Executive Center Blvd. to US 54 (Patriot Freeway)

Airport: from US 54 to Loop 375 (Americas Interchange)

Southern Gateway: from Loop 375 (Americas Interchange) to FM 3380 (Aguilera International Highway).

Data from 2015 show traffic volume on the corridor is 195,000 vehicles per day, most on intercity travel. This study will plan for the future of the corridor, up to the year 2042.

Conceptual solutions presented for public input will include the removal of 35 ramps and relocation of 77; single-point urban interchanges (SPUI) and By-pass lanes at Artcraft/Paseo Del Norte, Hawkins and Zaragoza/George Dieter, reconfiguration of connectors to Downtown and additional lane capacity on I-10 main lanes.

The study started last summer, a final round of public meetings is planned for later this year and the recommended master plan is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

Community members interested in learning more about the plans, but are not able to attend this last round of public meetings can view details and provide feedback online by visiting www.txdot.gov , keyword “Reimagine I10” or at reimaginei10.com