• March 7, 2021


Watch: Texas farmers start to replant after winter freeze left

The February winter storm that ravaged Texas left a lasting impact on the state’s farming communities — many of which suffered devastating losses when freezing temperatures killed acres of crops. From local gardens to a large share of the Rio Grande Valley’s citrus farms, the storm took a heavy toll statewide. Since then, the weather […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s unbox and review of Bespoke Aged Box

I kept seeing Bespoke pop up in my Facebook feed advertising lots of “manly” type mystery boxes. I decided to give them a try. I guess mystery box is a misnomer since you know exactly what is in each box. You also get the option to pick a different box for the month or even […]Read More

Video: Jud Burgess of Brave Books deep dives into Dr.

Is Dr. Seuss a racist? You decide. Jud Burgess discusses the fallout of the recent decision to discontinue six of Dr. Seuss’s beloved children’s books. Six of Dr. Seuss’ older children’s books were just discontinued because of perceived racism/ignorance/insensitivity to various cultures. “This I believe is a discussion that needs to be had amongst ourselves […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s review of BRZRKR by Boom Studios

Keanu Reeves is still a hot commodity. The Kickstarter for BRZRKR went over like gangbusters when it was announced Keanu was tied to the comic book. Not only is he tied to the comic, the main character is based on his likeness. We find out in this first issue that the BRZRKR character is immortal […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s review of ENIAC#1 by Bad Idea Comics

Bad Idea Comics is the new kid on the block. They put out a very successful ashcan for “Hero Trade” last year. Only approved Bad Idea Comic stores received the Hero Trade ashcan. Those issues quickly went for big money in online auction sites. ENIAC #1 is their first series. The last few pages of […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s How to Play ‘We Need to Talk’ by

Danny from ZiaComics.com teaches us how to play the humorous deduction party game, We Need to Talk by Smirk & Laughter Games. This is a game for 4-8 players age 14+ and should take 40-60 minutes for a complete game. Publisher Description A Game of Staging Ridiculous Interventions about Nonsensical Problems. Caring friends and family […]Read More

Video+Story: Research program honors former EPWater President

This week, officials with El Paso Water presented a $10,000 check to the University of Texas at El Paso and announced a new student research program established in honor of former utility President and CEO Ed Archuleta, who served for 24 years in that role and is recognized nationally for bold initiatives to build a […]Read More