• May 17, 2022
 UCF Receives $200,000 Donation from TFCU

Underserved Communities Foundation Receives $200,000 Donation from TFCU

UCF Receives $200,000 Donation from TFCU

Newly founded non-profit, Underserved Communities Foundation (UCF), has received a $200,000 donation from TFCU to help further establish the organization and support their mission to reduce poverty by empowering the underserved.

Sharing the philosophy of “People Helping People”, both organizations aim to support the underserved communities in a new way that promotes initiatives, programs, and policies that will help to produce a thriving and equitable society.

The UCF is led by Executive Director, Diana I. Hastings, who has an extensive background within the local non-profit sector. From her education to her professional experience with the YWCA, El Paso del Norte Region, Ms. Hastings looks forward to incorporating some of the greatest lessons she has learned, “Ending poverty requires action that catalyzes systemic change. To achieve this, it is essential to join forces with organizations, partners, donors, agencies, and more to leverage and maximize resources, and increase capacity. It is vital not to duplicate efforts, but to collaborate for the greater good and benefit of our communities especially the most vulnerable.”

Underserved communities experiencing hardships prior to the COVID-19 pandemic are facing new difficulties beyond their control, in times affecting their ability to attain the proper aid they need to recover. “Although there has been a surge of funding designated for pandemic recovery, there are still a lot of individuals and communities that do not have the ability to access these funds and services due to additional contributing factors.” shares UCF Executive Director, Diana Hastings. “Such factors include but are not limited to legal status, cognitive and/or mobility limitations, lack of transportation, and many more. These are the underserved communities that UCF exists for and is proud to serve and support. Because of wonderful partners like TFCU, UCF is able to carry through its mission to aid those in need.”

The Underserved Communities Foundation has designated eight priority areas in which it will focus its efforts towards including, education, affordable/accessible credit and savings, employment, diversity, equity and inclusion, health, environment and technology, hunger/food security, housing, and transportation. At this time the UCF website is under construction, but until then, the public is welcome to learn more, follow, and donate to the non-profit through the organization’s LinkedIn page.

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