Snow on Spaghetti Bowl/TxDot Cams

City’s Response to Winter Storm

The City of El Paso has been working steadily to clear and treat roadways blanketed with snow and sleet.

Street and Maintenance Department crews worked overnight and resumed salting and treating major roadways before sunrise today. Crews have been working throughout this weather event with priority given to arterial roadways, bridges and overpasses, particularly those on routes to hospitals, fire houses and police stations.

As with all major weather events, the Street and Maintenance Department will continue to monitor weather conditions and coordinate response efforts with emergency responders and state transportation officials.

Residents can help maximize public health and safety during this weather event by staying off the roads unless it is an emergency to allow crews to efficiently treat streets.

Anyone who must travel should exercise extreme caution while driving and maintain safe speeds and distances from other vehicles as freezing and treacherous conditions remain due to the winter storm. Motorists are reminded that icy conditions will create dangerous driving conditions, particularly on elevated roadways and bridges.

El Paso Electric indicates that 8000+ customers are  without power from just north of Hatch all the way to Van Horn.

US National Weather Service El Paso Texas reports 5″+ all around the Borderland; while TxDoT is ‘Strongly Advising’ no travel today until storm passes.