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Sunday , May 26 2019
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Update: Families of Suicide Victims May Receive Shirts

Last week I brought you a story about t-shirts that were being sold to raise awareness of suicide and the scores of family members that alleged fraud, when the shirts they ordered never arrived, and complaints were allegedly met with bullying and social media blocking.

Since the publication of that story, many more people came forward to share their stories, and a vocal few chimed in to say how wrong we were about Amanda and the entire situation.

The only person we never directly heard from was Amanda Nicole or her husband; that changed over the weekend.

Staff Sergeant Daniel Bratten, the husband of Amanda Nicole, reached out to me and offered that I and the El Paso Herald Post take possession of the t-shirts in order to get them to those who are waiting for them.

He also talked with me at length about the entire t-shirt situation, Amanda’s state of mind, and what he says happened.

[Editor in Chief’s Note: Contrary to statements on several online groups and conversations, as of January 22nd, no one has contacted me about the content of either story and Steven’s position here at the Herald Post.  The invitation to Amanda to comment directly on this story is still open.  Additionally, we continue to receive and archive screenshots of all pertinent conversations from Amanda’s supporters (and herself as well) alleging dishonesty on our part and potential threats.  All audio and screenshots in the stories are original and unaltered, excluding the redaction of person’s private numbers and addresses]


To begin with, the offer struck me as odd because of the screenshot provided by Ashley Anderson, where she offered both Amanda and Daniel to take the shirts off their hands and ship them out. Ashley even offered to pay the shipping to get the shirts up to her.

But, at that time, Amanda said no.

In the first voicemail (click here to listen,) Daniel says that they have 500 t-shirts that are not paid for. He wanted us to “get these t-shirts out to people who deserve them.”

Initially, Amanda Nicole purchased 700 tee-shirts from Proper Print Shop in El Paso and she still has, according to her husband’s voicemail, 500 in her possession. That number, however, seems to be fluid.

Last week I spoke with Alan, one of the co-owners of Proper Print Shop, who said that they feel terrible that so many people did not receive their t-shirts.

In fact,  Alan and Proper Printing is working out a way to help those people receive a shirt.  More on that in a bit.

After listening to the voicemail, I reached out to Staff Sergeant Bratten.

After all the back and forth I’ve had with many different individuals online; as well as a few phone calls from random people that I can only describe as strange attempts at making some sort of threat, I was looking forward to hearing Daniel’s (and Amanda’s) side of the story.

What did Danial have to say? Here is my call with him. And what follows are highlights from that conversation.


“Oh no, sir, cause we had, we had tons of shirts left over that weren’t paid for. So, I mean I have boxes that still need to be shipped out,” Daniel said near the start of our conversation. “So, there’s like probably about, I’m just a guesstimation [sic] here, but I still probably have about 300 t-shirts and sweaters.”

Daniel says that the shirts still in their possession represent orders that were never paid for or were simply not wanted. Yet, as I look back over the screenshots that have been provided to me, I was left to wonder why those who did pay have yet to receive anything at all.

“See now sir, on that part, that’s completely understood. We definitely have tons of people that we weren’t able to satisfy by getting them there in their shirts in time,” Daniel shared.

“But the gist is that we just did, we ran out of money personally to actually start shipping these things out.”

Yet, from what I’ve been told, Amanda established several ways for people to pay for the t-shirts: Facebook payments, GoFundMe, as well as PayPal. That also doesn’t take into consideration the number of checks and money orders that were mailed directly to Amanda.

As Alan at Proper Printing shared, just the cost of t-shirts meant Amanda would have to pay between $6.50 to $7.50 each. I’ve also been told by several people, in writing both this and the prior article, that Amanda admitted that she underestimated the shipping costs.

“So, we thought we calculated it in there,” says Daniel of the shipping costs. “But like I said when you take a shirt, just one shirt that costs $25 to ship to New Zealand…or um, what was the other places? Just England and stuff like that…But it ends up cutting into a lot of things where you thought you were going to have enough leftover and ended up having to pull out of pocket.”

As a result, Amanda sent a private message to Ashley Anderson explaining that she – Amanda – had calculated the shipping wrong; Ashley appealed to the group they were a part of.

Many people gave money to cover the shipping for themselves, while others gave extra to help cover shipping for those who couldn’t afford it.  The shipping, according Ashley, went from an additional $5 to a total of $10.  Still, many shirts never showed up.


Daniel said that Amanda, “tries to please everyone and do everything.”  He added that while all this is going on, she would have “manic attacks”and ended up in the hospital for both “a heart issue and a spinal surgery.”

Before I started asking other questions, about Amanda and her other businesses and background, Daniel quickly started to wrap up the call.

I did extend my invitation once again to listen to Amanda’s side of this.  I also asked why she never responded to my messages to her.

“She’s a little…she’s completely distraught right now and probably not thinking that straight. That’s why I’m just trying to basically go behind her back,” Daniel responded. “But I’m just trying to get this thing done, so it’s not on her head…cause it’s always on her when she does all this stuff.”

Finally, there is the text conversation I had with Daniel where he indicated that he wanted us – the El Paso Herald Post – to take the t-shirts in order to help get them to the people who did not yet receive one.

I reached out to Proper Print Shop and they have agreed to take those shirts.  That drop-off was set for Tuesday (1/22,) but was postponed to Wednesday (1/23).

So it appears that there may be an end to this story after all, one where those who ordered shirts may get their shirts.

Once the details are set, and the shirts in possession of Proper Printing, we will provide an update to our readers and those directly involved with the situation.


However, there is a final twist to this story.

Even though Daniel has said – in the call –  he is “going behind his wife’s back to make good on the situation and move on.”

Even with this potential ‘happy ending,’ there are apparently some lingering bad feelings about the story and the fallout.

Sometime over the last couple of days, Amanda has allegedly begun to seek out a firearm.

In the screenshot that we’ve obtained from a concerned source (who claims the person in the conversation with them is Amanda) you can see that person asking for a gun. When the other party asks why – the person our source identifies as Amanda – says that everything in my previous article is a lie and that she just needs one.

Normally I would brush this off as nothing more than someone venting, but those comments and the countless others, coupled with a couple of phone calls I have received where I was told I messed with the wrong person; there is some reason to be concerned.

I was concerned enough to call the one of the El Paso Police Department Regional Command Centers where they could only document what I perceive as a threat.

To that end, I sincerely hope I’m the last person that has to go to the police regarding the alleged behavior of one Amanda Nicole.


Editor’s note: A portion of the screenshots below – and the previous story – were either provided by victims of Amanda’s alleged activities or those who are still administrators in groups where Amanda has allegedly made comments.

About Steve Zimmerman

Steve is a writer, photographer, and poet. In addition to his freelance work for the El Paso Herald-Post, he is a videographer, and is launching a weekly podcast based on his forthcoming book, “Leap of Fatih” which will be released in 2019 from HarperCollins. Through his company, Still Going Somewhere, he is producing a series of micro-documentaries with individuals who have survived the Holocaust. You can contact Steven at 915-201-0918, or by email at To learn more about Steven, visit his webpage at

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  1. The fact that your are getting threats just because your telling the truth about a scammer is ridiculous. Seems like there pretty good at threaten … they threaten reporting people to authorities, threaten harrasing charges, threaten people jobs and now threatened their lives? Over what the simply fact they got caught stealing from griefing people? I have no simply for neither of this two I think the husband knew what was going on and if he didn’t he sure does now and he still protecting her. What a stand up guy he is to fight for our country, yet be stealing from so many people. Your wife is a reflection of you she stealing from people so are you

  2. Amanda needs to be punished for her actions. This is a story of a person that took advantage of peoples money while pretending to be doing it for the sake of our missed loved ones. I am a victim of hers that relied on those for family gifts at Christmas time. Lie after lie came out of her mouth. She needs to be accountable for these actions of preying on others during the time of sadness and despair.

  3. It really upsets me that the police are not taking this seriously. It’s bad enough she took advantage of us but now she is threatening you. This is ridiculous. Where is the accountability????

  4. Hi Steven and thank you again for working on this for all of us. My first question is WHY is there 500 shirts “ not paid for” when there was over 600 of us who paid and 700 shirts made??? The math doesn’t work there!! Also, on another post that someone in the group showed me, she recently was trying to sell “100” shirts that apparently were left over, and these had a $5 mark up. I’ll search that photo after I post this. As far as a gun, please be careful!!! I do know at one time she was saying all of this was going to cause HER to hurt herself. It’s truly hard to tell what her motive is. Lastly, I heard the shirts fall apart after a washing…the decals & names are peeling. Personally I’d rather my money be returned as I really don’t want the shirt after all this…but if that’s how we get this solved I’ll take it. What does he expect you to do with the shirts?? Pay for the shipping out of YOUR pocket??? None of this will work. They received the money, the shirts were paid for, THEY should ship them, not put it off on you. Again I thank you and hope this comes to an end…for all of us 😞

  5. Sounds like a sad attempt to me , it’s too late . I believe the pressure and severity to where this has all gone has driven him to this . Doesn’t sound sincere . As far as threats go , it kind of wipes out any creditability that was trying to be established! I hope all remain safe and this is handled accordingly. It’s clear justice needs to be served .

  6. I’m just in disbelief that this is happening. How could she take advantage of people that are already dealing with so much loss. I couldn’t wait to get my T-shirt in memory of my brother. I have screen shots and emails with the transaction of money between Amanda and I. I just can’t believe I put my trust in her and there are people out there like this.

  7. I was one of those ripped off by this scam artist.

  8. Both of these stories are bullshit. All of yhis is making her have suicidal thoughts!! Fucking dumb ass reporters twist the truth to make a certain party look good, now hes twisting all this to make ashley and her people look like hereos when she is the one who attacked us because we had faith in amanda!

    • Oh my god!!! You again?!
      Why do you keep putting your pathetic input into something that doesn’t involve you at all. Stick up for Amanda all you want but if you listen to this audio attached to the article from Daniel, you’ll hear the truth. Remember Amanda went to the reporter first? Oops!! She’s suicidal? Are you kidding me? First of all, if she’s suicidal, WHY ARE YOU SITTING ONLINE COMMENTING ON THIS ARTICLE WHEN YOU SHOULD BE GETTING YOUR FRIEND HELP? Second of all, she’s been suicidal 7 other times and every time she has, it’s because she scammed another group, got busted, claimed she was being bullied & harassed and then decided to threaten suicide for attention. It’s GETTING OLD. It’s the same thing over & over again and to be honest, it’s disgusting that she threatens suicide every time she gets busted with her scams because she’s lost a loved one to Suicide herself. PATHETIC & a very sick game to be playing. Go back to the hills have eyes.

    • Please enlighten us, what part of the story is bullshit, when it comes down to it, people still don’t have their shirts and Amanda still has their money, or spent it…that’s all that matters…if nothing else in this story is true, which I have a hard time believing a reporter would put his reputation on the line for lies, the fact that she has not delivered products promised and is refusing to give answers says it all….she’s a scam..period, if she wants to clear her name, she has the ability to do so…send the shirts or refund the money, it’s not rocket science!

    • If she sucidal … why you waisting time commenting here? Why aren’t you getting her help? Is she sucidal because she knows truth coming out? Or is this like her other sucidal attention grabber where she said she was going to commit then said she was just upset from getting bullied when in all reality the ones bullying her was people she stole money from them also? Calling people jobs, stealing their money, contacting a reporter to contact someone’s job, then when it don’t work claim your suicidal and going to harm yourself because your being bullied. Yep seems like amanda ammo.

    • Please tell me what parts bullshit because all the money everyone is out and no shirts to show for it tells me it’s not bullshit.

  9. Wow just amazing….so Amanda took on this big project that she couldn’t fullfill…where did all of our money go..let me guess Christmas shopping, moving into another house, hospital bills perhaps she sent herself those chocolate covered strawberries that she requested on fb while she was in the hospital….smh..thanks Steven for keeping us posted on these shirts.

  10. Very sad for those who ordered t-shirts and didn’t receive them.

  11. This is just wrong on every level. Especially preying on people’s sorrow and misery. Sorry my sympathy factor is zero at this point.

  12. This is disgusting. I can’t believe that his life is now being threatened for exposing this sick twisted woman. SMH

  13. The thing is if he has all these shirts left that werent paid for what happened to the shirts that were paid for. My husbands name was on that shirt. I paid for it. Its appalling to me that someone would take on such a big job that they probably knew they couldnt take on. She probably hasnt even lost anyone to suicide and joined tge group to make money. Ive met so many people like her. She preys on weak individuals. Theres a special place for people like her.

    • She lost her brother . My uncle. Thank you very much

      • I’ve lost my sister doesn’t give her a right to steal from people. Doesn’t give her a reason to contact peoples jobs. Doesn’t give her a reason to make multiple go fund me accounts and scam people out of their own money then claim she having a mental breakdown and being bullied. I hope those cuffs match her eyes

      • I lost my 14 year old cousin. Just because she lost her brother it doesn’t give her the right to be a money hungry compulsive lying bitch. I hope karma bites her harder than anything else in her life ever has.

  14. I purchased 2 shirts, I paid $36 via Facebook for them. Amanda has repeatedly sent me excuses on why I have not received them. Now she has blocked me. I had my fiancé’s name put on that shirt and it was more about the sentimental meaning or the shirt than the money. But, I feel it takes a real sick person to do this to anyone especially people who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

  15. I would love to get what I paid for. She sent me a T-shirt 2 sizes too small, I immediately messaged her asking why she sent a T-shirt and asked to either send out what I paid for or return my money, no response and blocked.
    This story is just… That’s all I can say. She is a thief. I get the “manic outbreaks”……she’s in Trouble…she stole thousands. I would too!!! Crazy woman.
    As far as the husband saying they ran out of money from not calculating shipping correctly…..people paid far more and some people donated more money after she said she calculated wrong. Thousand of dollars raised for 500 shirts. It don’t add up. She used the money. End of story.

  16. I had mentioned wanting a shirt but could not afford it. She said others were donating so some of those who couldn’t could receive a shirt. If I need to come up with the money if any hopes of getting a shirt in which my husbands name is printed I will do so. I was so looking forward to this shirt but didn’t really get concerned since I was one that hadn’t paid. I hope the issue gets resolved. If the shirt company gets the shirts back will there be a way for us to contact them directly!?!

  17. But we did pay her! She asked and asked and send money, she told me how to do it. Over $45.00for a hoodie and long sleeve never to get since October? Just heartbreaking for me!



    Postal Inspectors are police who will handle Amanda for her crime. But only if YOU tell them. Telling your local police or Amanda’s local police is not the same. Send it to IL so they’re all in the same place.

  19. Amanda is a scam artist. I wanted my t-shirts for me and for my sister to give to her as a Christmas gift. I even sent her a message on Christmas Eve stating that I was sitting at my sisters house without her Christmas present. I was so sad. It’s not right for her to prey on people who are grieving. It just goes to show you that there are sick people in the world that prey on others. I’m sick to my stomach about this whole thing. I should of known it was too good to be true. Thanks, Amanda!

  20. First, I have to agree this whole situation is FUBAR. As the bf of one of those effected I have to say I am highly disappointed that this has happened at all. While the road to hell is paved in good intentions, anyone with to brain cells should of know better than to offer international shipping when they had no idea how much the duties and taxes would of been. And I hope the wife is brought to face justice for what seems to be fraud or felony theft and the SSgt, if complicit, be brought up for violations of article 121 of the ucmj or some deviation thereof and hopefully court martialed. I hope whoever ordered these items are either refunded in full or receive their order so we can lay this whole situation to rest.

  21. Just pisses me off that she did this to a lot of people on that either lost a love one or is still grieving of a love one I’ll pay for three shirts one for my mom and myself and my sister and the reason I pay and want the shirts is because my husband name is in the back of it

  22. I still haven’t received my t-shirt. I ordered it and paid for it in October. It has my husband, David Salgado’s name on it

  23. I CAN’T believe there are people defending Amanda…Alexis must be in on the scam too! No one has or is twisting words on this hole ordeal!! The proof is RIGHT in front of you…screenshots and recorded phone calls!!! This Bitch has taken thousands of dollars from grieving people with NO intent to send them what they ordered!! Then her husband with ALL his excuses for Amanda and wanting someone else to take the shirts?? Why not send the shirts to the ones who still have not got theirs!!! ALL of this is so disgusting and heart breaking! Plus them calling and making death threats because someone is getting the Truth out about Amanda and her husband! They are VERY SICK PATHETIC waste of space!

  24. I ordered 3 shirts. Was about to send a money order when all of this went down. Glad I didn’t send my money. My husband’s name is on the shirt and would still like to buy them. If the shirts make it back to the printers to sell.

  25. Averaging… Each person paid 20.00 per sbirt.
    That’s a total of 14000. And the shirts on average cost 8.00, ordering 700 shirts, that’s 5600.00, leaving 8 grand for shipping. It wasn’t a I got in over my head deal, it was woohoo, look at all this money…. That they as husband and wife have pocketed. That’s pathetic!!! I paid 23.00 for a shirt she requested 12.00 for. Theft over 1000.00 is a felony correct? It is in Maryland punishable of a 10000.00 fine and up to 10 years in jail. She’s a thief….

  26. This is absolutely disgusting! I can’t believe someone would stoop so low and steal money from vulnerable people who are grieving the loss of loved one. I am apart of this group, but I am not a victim. This breaks my heart for those who were duped.

    Amanda should be ashamed of herself. You don’t get to take people for thousands of dollars and then claim bullying when people demand you follow through. You make me sick.

  27. WTF! How is this scum bag still doing this? How is she not locked up yet? Are the cops in El Paso that lazy and inefficient? What do we need to do? I’m going to tell you what we need to do. We need to call that police department and tell them to lock Amanda up and lock her up now!

    Call that district attorney at 915-546-2059

    Call the chief of police at 915-212-4000

    Get them on this thief!

  28. I just want my shirt and daughters hoodie, shit I’ll pay for shipping because my only son is on this ! I can’t believe she just played us all, you can be on her side all you want but don’t call it bullying or bullshit for my money was taken and then I’m unfriended! I did nothing but order a shirt! I pay for all kinds of things online and from japan/China they may take 2-3 months but I get the items I ordered. That was all I wanted. Fuck yes her husband had to know but she was too busy glamming up for limousine rides to balls and get new house n Xmas while I’m home crying over the loss of a loved one and I can’t get my shirts! People offered to help and she postponed dropping off why? She can’t keep lying and not pay concequences of her actions she did this herself and not the first time!

  29. I received my long sleeve tee and hoodie after continually chirping in her ear that I had my bank statement and proof. She sent me a couple pictures of a man with a long receipt saying they were tracking numbers but I never got one. Also a picture of a stack of postage boxes telling me mine was going out.

    A week later I received mine but not in the boxes she showed. It was wrapped in wrapping paper with hearts all over it.
    I still dont feel right wearing mine with all of the names on there that didn’t get theirs pisses me off and I actually don’t feel right wearing mine now

  30. Fortunately I am not a victim of this awful scam. However I am a part of one of the groups that has been affected by this evil person. Almost two years ago, I lost my son to suicide. It has been a terrible horrible journey. Everyday I wonder what I could have done to have stopped it. Every day I wonder how I missed the signs. Everyday I feel guilt, that how could a mother not have been able to save her child. Everyday I wish he was still here with us. I know people suffer loss all of the time, but losing someone to suicide, especially when they were loved so much is sometimes unbearable. The what if’s drive all of us who are suffering and grieving crazy. So I ask myself “what kind of person takes advantage of people who are suffering this kind of loss.” How can they look at their selves and know that they are scamming people, then try to make excuses as to why they did what they did. I get it, sometimes things happen, but why not just own up to what you did, try and make it right, and just try to give these grieving people the t-shirts or their money back. The fact that she has received money and many attempts have been made to help her but yet she still will not own her mistakes, tells me this is a big scam. I am so sorry to all the people that this has effected. Good thing I believe in Karma, because some not nice things are coming her way.

  31. This needs to be shares to all the news stations. I am from Indiana. It is already spreading. How dare she play the victim.

  32. I ordered a hoodie from her but I didn’t feel safe to send my card information so I got her address and sent a money order for $28 for a large hoodie. This really hurts because my brother name was on it. I text her to ask if she had sent it out yet and she started on me saying wtf do you gotta say!. And I was blocked. This is so heart breaking that someone would take our loved ones names and make money for there good. This has made me sick

  33. Far too depressing. I know I’ll never get my shirts and hoodies or my money back.

    Amanda, you are f#*king scum. You need to be locked up forever!

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