City issues update on Five Points Quiet Zone project

As part of the Five Points Quiet Zone project, the City of El Paso’s Capital Improvement Department has scheduled the re-opening of the Rosewood Street rail road crossing, and the permanent closure of the Birch Street rail road crossing for Tuesday, December 1st, 2015.

This work, part of a joint project with the Union Pacific Railroad and the City of El Paso, will modify six railroad crossings to allow trains to pass more quietly through this El Paso neighborhood once the Quiet Zone is established.

The project requires the permanent closures of the following Union Pacific railroad crossings:

  • Maple Street  – completed
  • Birch Street   – scheduled for permanent closure on Dec 1st, 2015
  • Cedar Street  completed
  • Elm Street     – work on-going

As part of the project, the following Union Pacific railroad crossings will remain open and are undergoing upgrades to include median and new crossing arms:

  • Piedras Street – work pending
  • Rosewood Street – scheduled for re-opening on Dec 1st, 2015

The project also includes having the El Paso Water Utilities replace an aging waterline along Pershing Drive between Magnolia and Birch.  Once this portion of Pershing is completed in early December of 2015, the closure will move eastward along Pershing between Birch and Elm.  The total length of the waterline replacement for Pershing is between Magnolia and Raynor, and it is occurring in phases in order to minimize the inconvenience to residents and traffic.

The project is scheduled for completion in July of 2016, but trains will continue to use their whistles at the crossings until the Federal Railroad Administration approves the establishment of the Quiet Zone, which is expected to occur in September of 2016.

Federal Law requires the train conductors to continue using their whistles as a precaution for all vehicles and pedestrians who are on or near the rail road crossings until the Quiet Zone has been officially established.

This project is part of the City of El Paso’s commitment to enhance the Quality of Life for business, residents and visitors alike.

Author: City of El Paso