University of Texas System Chancellor’s Centurions recognizes 10 EPISD teachers

University of Texas System Chancellor’s Centurions recognizes 10 EPISD teachers

The University of Texas System Chancellor’s Centurions awarded 10 EPISD teachers with a $500 gift card to Office Depot for classroom supplies this week. 

The teachers are among 40 other educators receiving the Educator’s Torch Award in El Paso are UTEP teacher candidates completing their year-long residency or early-career teachers who are UTEP graduates.

Representatives from UTEP and the Chancellor’s Centurions joined with Paydirt Pete to surprise Bowie High teacher Gabriela Hurtado with the award in her classroom Friday morning.

“I’m super excited and super shocked at the same time,” said Hurtado, a ninth-grade biology teacher. “I know there was a lot of candidates. I’m fortunate to win.”

The first-year teacher and UTEP grad thanked the representatives who made the special presentation in her classroom, already showing her love for teaching and her new Bowie family. She’s already planning her trip to Office Depot to buy supplies for her classroom.

“I love every second of teaching,” she said. “There are days where it is a little stressful, but I’ve got a great support system not only at UTEP, but also at Bowie High School. I never feel like I’m alone. I always feel like I can tackle the day.”

The other EPISD teachers receiving awards are:

  • Salma Gonzalez, Collins Elementary
  • Illiana Cruz, Mesita Elementary
  • Andrea Chavez, Mesita Elementary
  • Aylin Herrera, Rivera Elementary
  • Rebekah Tirres, Sunrise Mountain Elementary
  • Luis Amezcua, Terrace Hills Middle
  • Stephen Mitchell, Terrace Hills Middle
  • Greg Munch, Terrace Hills Middle
  • Kara Englisbee, Tom Lea Elementary
Story by Reneé de Santos   |   Photos by Leonel Monroy – El Paso ISD

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