UTEP Announces New Binational Academic Partnership

On Wednesday, officials with the University of Texas at El Paso announced the launch of a new partnership with one of the leading research institutions in Juárez, Mexico.

The director of Universidad Tecnológica de Ciudad Juárez, Guillermo Álvarez Terrazas, joined UTEP President Diana Natalicio on the UTEP campus to sign and formally announce the creation of the joint initiative.

“This partnership is an important step toward a goal shared by both institutions – that of increasing the availability of high-quality educational opportunities for our students,” President Natalicio said. “By fostering greater academic exchange between our institutions, both UTEP and UTCJ will be better positioned to prepare our students to meet the challenges and opportunities that come with living and working in a binational community.”

The overarching goal of the agreement is to promote academic collaboration between members of the faculty at both institutions, as well as among students at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Photo courtesy UTEP

To this end, the universities will look to create exchange programs for graduate and undergraduate students of both institutions, as well as organize conferences and meetings on research issues.

The joint initiative also will promote collaboration between faculty members of both institutions. To accomplish this, the universities will seek opportunities to create exchange programs in the areas of teaching, research and professional development.

“This is a day for celebration and pride,” said UTCJ Director Guillermo Álvarez Terrazas. “Binational initiatives like this partnership with UTEP are a priority for UTCJ as we look to foster development and expand opportunities for students across our region.”

This new, binational partnership also represents UTEP’s continuing recognition of Mexico as a strategic partner and, more specifically, of colleges and universities in Juárez as allies in UTEP’s ongoing efforts to increase access to higher education for students of this region.