UTEP Centennial Museum, Insights co-host Nerd Night on Wine Education

As a part of Insight’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education mission, Insights has teamed up with UTEP’s Centennial Museum to bring a new event to the Border Region – Nerd Nights.

To celebrate their 2nd anniversary, officials will hold Nerd Night: Wine Education featuring wine tasting, wine speakers, horderves, trivia prizes, a silent auction and mini Nerd Night fundraiser.

Nerd Night: Wine will allow attendees to learn all about wine chemistry, local production, the story behind the price tag and much more. This special anniversary Nerd Night will also feature trivia prizes, a silent auction and mini Nerd Night fundraiser.

A panel of wine experts will share their deep knowledge, answer your wine-related questions and guide us through a series of wine tastings.

  • Ricardo Barraza (owner of Wine Attitude) – wine importation
  • Serene Bartoletti (wine making enthusiast)- chemistry of wine making
  • David and Theresa Fisher (co-owners of  Sombra Antigua Winery, LLC) – Wine production in the Border Region
  • Insights Staff & Board Members (Insights) – Nerd Night and Insights updates

Nerd Night wine is sponsored by Wine Attitude. Tickets are $25, which includes wine tasting and appetizers and information on tickets can be found here.

Date: 12.11.19 (6:30pm – 9:00 pm)  |   Location: Sunland Park Mall (upstairs, above Greenery Restaurant)

Nerd Nights is a series of informative evening events designed to host fun scientific talks and activities to your favorite local brewery, restaurant, coffee shop, or any other community hub.