Left to right: Omar Masmali, Ph.D. student; Rafael Pinto, Master’s student; Maliheh Zargaran, Master’s student; Omar Badreddin, Ph.D.; Sayed Mohsin Reza, Ph.D. student; Rahad Khandoke, Ph.D. student

UTEP Computer Science receives $7K Grant to Conduct Advanced Software Analysis

The University of Texas at El Paso’s Computer Science Department in the College of Engineering has received a $7,000 grant from Nuba Solutions for students to conduct statistic code analysis on open source repositories.

The study will analyze large segments of industrial software codes to understand their evolution and quality. The results of the analysis will help organizations reduce maintenance efforts and improve their software sustainability.

Graduate students will conduct software code analysis using cutting-edge static analysis tools and techniques. The department will collaborate with engineers and software architects from Nuba Solutions, a software provider that builds custom software solutions for hospitals, supply chains, transportation, networking and more.

Leading the research is Omar Badreddin, Ph.D., assistant professor in UTEP’s computer science department, who said students will be working on analyzing transportation and logistics management software for Nuba Solutions.

“This grant has become possible as a result of some of the applied research the lab has conducted on industrial software systems,” Badreddin said. “This research has near-term impact on software systems at Nuba and beyond. The research is laying the foundation for the development of software systems that are more reliable, maintainable and sustainable.”

The majority of the work will be done at UTEP and some in the field, Badreddin said. Artifacts that will be analyzed and the tools that will be used for the analysis are available in the cloud. This reduces dependency on the physical location of the researcher and the collaborating institution.

The effort is aligned with the mission of UTEP’s computer science department to educate students and the region about the importance of using computer science to foster innovative thinking and to solve real-world problems.