• January 23, 2022
 UTEP Joins National Initiative to Support Teaching and Learning

UTEP Joins National Initiative to Support Teaching and Learning

Beginning in fall 2018, The University of Texas at El Paso’s Center for Faculty Leadership and Development (CFLD), in partnership with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE), will offer a cohort of faculty an opportunity to take part in an academic year-long program that will enhance those instructional skills shown to best promote student motivation, learning and persistence.

“As we strive to provide the best, holistic education for every student we teach, our incredible faculty members are key,” said David Ruiter, Ph.D., associate provost. “Investing in their development through the CFLD and programs such as ACUE will not only enhance faculty skills but will also ensure that our students continue to receive the first-class education they so richly deserve.”

ACUE, in partnership with institutions of higher education nationwide, supports and credentials faculty members in the use of evidence-based teaching practices that drive student engagement, retention and learning. In addition, ACUE’s Community of Professional Practice connects college educators from across the country through member forums, podcasts and updates on the latest developments in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

ACUE’s Course in Effective Teaching Practices is based on more than three decades of research that shows effective teaching improves learning for all students. UTEP’s CFLD will lead the faculty cohort in 25 learning modules and mentor them in using new skills in their classes. Faculty who complete the program, which complements the University’s robust faculty development programming, are awarded a nationally recognized Certificate in Effective College Instruction that is co-endorsed by ACUE and the American Council on Education (ACE).

According to Marc Cox, Ph.D., director of the CFLD, the ACUE Course in Effective Teaching Practices is very much aligned with enhancing student success at every level on campus.

“To accomplish this [student success], we have not only taken advantage of the expertise on campus to deliver professional development programming to our faculty members, but we are also identifying national programming that can significantly enhance the quality of instruction our students receive,” Cox said. “This is not only an excellent opportunity for our faculty members to gain valuable skills and recognition for their commitment to quality instruction but is also an opportunity for us to significantly impact the quality of instruction and success of our students over time.”

Aligned with the latest research in cognition and adult learning, ACUE’s course addresses more than 200 evidence-based teaching practices, covering how to design an effective course, establish a productive learning environment, use active learning techniques, promote higher-order thinking, and utilize assessments to inform instruction and promote learning.

“The CFLD was established in the fall 2016 semester to renew our commitment to the continued professional development of our faculty members,” Cox said. “The more successful we are as faculty members, the more opportunities for training and quality instruction we can provide for our students.”

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