UTEP - Dr. Richard Teschner
UTEP - Dr. Richard Teschner

UTEP Professor Emeritus Dr. Richard Teschner donates $10k to Celebration of our Mountains

(UTEP) Long-time land-conservationist Dr. Richard Teschner has given a $10,000 private donation to Celebration of Our Mountains.

Richard is currently an adviser to COM’s Board of Directors after spending years as a member. He is well known for his 2005 donation to The Frontera Land Alliance, which enabled it to purchase and thus conserve the 91-acre Resler Canyon on El Paso’s West Side. In 2014-2015 he hired Austin lobbyist Eric Wright for the purpose of getting the Texas State Legislature to appropriate $3.5 million for a Visitor Center for Franklin Mountains State Park.

Richard has been a leading activist in the decades-long campaign to conserve Castner Range as a national monument and has continued to champion this cause since his retirement in 2010. These and other civic and political activities have kept Dr. Teschner busy since he retired from the full-time teaching of linguistics at UTEP from 1976 to 2010.

“I strongly support COM for many reasons but especially because of the excellent job it does by introducing so many El Pasoans to our region’s natural wonders. Mountains! Arroyos! Caves! Deserts! Fauna and flora! Historical sites! COM makes sure we visit them all and learn how important each one is to our highly-unique Borderland culture,” Richard says. “Thanks in large part to COM, the thousands of folks who’ve long supported the Franklin Mountains Wilderness Coalition, The Frontera Land Alliance and the El Paso Community Foundation can experience first-hand the sites that make our city so unique.” Famous for his puns, Richard couldn’t resist adding this: “And I truly hope my donation enables even more El Pasoans and visitors to COMe to our marvelous natural settings!” 

Celebration of Our Mountains sponsors free educational and recreational field trips in the mountains, desert, and wetlands of the El Paso region of the Chihuahuan Desert for persons of all ages all year round. They have been serving El Pasoans since 1994. For more information, please see www.celebrationofourmountains.org. Celebration of Our Mountains is a 501c3, non-profit organization. 

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