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UTEP Renews Scholarships Agreement with State of Chihuahua

The University of Texas at El Paso has renewed an agreement with the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, to provide scholarships for some of that state’s top students to attend UTEP.

UTEP President Heather Wilson and María Eugenia Campos Galván, governor of the State of Chihuahua, met on Friday, Jun. 10, in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, to sign a memorandum of understanding to formalize the agreement. Eric Cohan, consul general of the U.S. in Juárez, and Mauricio Ibarra, consul general of Mexico in El Paso, also attended the signing ceremony.

The agreement signals UTEP’s continuing recognition of Mexico and the State of Chihuahua as strategic partners in the University’s ongoing efforts to increase access to higher education for students of this region.

More than 1,200 UTEP students commute daily from Juárez, the largest city in the state of Chihuahua.

“We are a bi-national community, with many economic, cultural and family ties that inseparably connect people on both sides of the Rio Grande,” Wilson said. “Improving higher education access to the people of our region benefits us all. We are thankful to Governor Campos Galván and her team for their partnership.”

Per the agreement, the University will award academic merit-based scholarships to select public school students from the State of Chihuahua each year. The state’s education ministry will match that funding as long as the students remain scholarship eligible under UTEP guidelines, up to four years.

“I want to thank the UTEP family for establishing this collaboration,” Campos Galván said. “Because this is not just the signature of an agreement; this is the beginning of a new and closer relationship between us to build bridges, to be closer.”

The renewal of the scholarship agreement between UTEP and Chihuahua is a continuation of a joint effort that began in 2002.


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