UTEP Awards Ysleta ISD Seniors $1M+ in Scholarships

The University of Texas at El Paso announced its 1st round of scholarship recipients awarded to graduating seniors in the El Paso region and Ysleta ISD seniors were well rewarded for their academic achievements.

Overall YISD seniors received $1.6 million in scholarships to the class of 2018.

The Presidential Scholarship is awarded to the senior ranked #1 at the end of their junior year for $8,000 per year, $32,000 four year total. It includes free on-campus housing for first academic year.

The Excellence Scholarship is awarded to the senior ranked #2 the end of their junior year for $6,000 per year, $24,000 four year total.

Other scholarships awarded by UTEP are: Andalusite Award $3,000 per year / $12,000 four years, Tanzanite Award $2,000 per year / $8,000 four years, and Jaspilite Award (Level 2) $1,000 per year / $4,000 four years.

UTEP will announce a second round of scholarships in March. Scholarship deadline is March 1.  Applying seniors must be admitted to UTEP first to be considered for a scholarship award. Interested students can apply for admissions at applytexas.org.

For the UTEP General Scholarship Application, applicants need to visit ScholarMine to submit and apply for additional scholarship opportunities available. SAT test scores and transcripts must be submitted by the deadline.

Click here to learn more about the UTEP scholarships.

Ysleta ISD seniors receiving scholarships during this round are:

Bel Air High School – $136,000
Autumn Russell, Presidential ($32,000)
Ashley Hernandez, Excellence ($24,000)
Emily Hogenson, Andalusite ($12,000)
Sarahjane Legaspi, Andalusite ($12,000)
Desiree Nieto, Andalusite ($12,000)
Victoria Ruiz. Andalusite ($12,000)
Gary Williams, Andalusite ($12,000)
Brianna Gonzalez, Tanzanite ($8,000)
Luis Arellano., Jaspilite ($4,000)
Trinity Ballesteros, Jaspilite ($4,000)
Ayana Reyes, Jaspilite ($4,000)

Del Valle High School – $152,000
Janeth Sandoval, Presidential ($32,000)
Natalia Gonzalez, Excellence ($24,000)
Miriam Aguirre, Andalusite ($12,000)
Carlos Baeza, Andalusite ($12,000)
Vivian Cigarroa, Andalusite ($12,000)
Cooper Dubrule, Andalusite ($12,000)
Brianna Jordan. Andalusite ($12,000)
Bruce Jordan, Andalusite ($12,000)
Crystal Martinez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Nahomi Navar, Andalusite ($12,000)
Paola Villa, Andalusite ($12,000)

Eastwood High School – $240,000
Andrew Lowrance, Presidential ($32,000)
Leonardo Moraveg, Excellence ($24,000)
Tiffany Aguilar, Andalusite ($12,000)
Ruby Del Villar Solis, Andalusite ($12,000)
Brittney Fierro, Andalusite ($12,000)
Noah Jimenez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Crystal Licon, Andalusite ($12,000)
Elizabeth Mendoza, Andalusite ($12,000)
Andrea Meraz, Andalusite ($12,000)
Maria-Adeliz Ordonez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Edwardo Pallares, Andalusite ($12,000)
Ethan Ramos, Andalusite ($12,000)
Ryan Solis, Andalusite ($12,000)
Paulina Torres, Andalusite ($12,000)
Jacob Tullius, Andalusite ($12,000)
Aaron Beltran, Tanzanite ($8,000)
Briana Morales, Tanzanite ($8,000)
Diana Orozco, Tanzanite ($8,000)
Jesus Moore, Jaspilite ($4,000)

Hanks High School – $128,000
Nicole Melendez, Presidential ($32,000)
Valerie Hernandez, Excellence ($24,000)
Hannia Gamboa, Andalusite ($12,000)
Natalie Padilla, Andalusite ($12,000)
Sergio Perez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Jorge Rodriguez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Melissa Torres, Andalusite ($12,000)
Sarah Ramos, Tanzanite ($8,000)
Michaela O’Hara, Jaspilite ($4,000)

Parkland High School – $80,000
Cassandra Hernandez de la Cruz, Presidential ($32,000)
Jordan Dominguez, Excellence ($12,000)
Victoria Gurrola. Andalusite ($8,000)
Anne Soderborg, Andalusite ($8,000)

Riverside High School – $116,000
Lizbeth Carmona, Presidential ($32,000)
Britney Baca, Excellence ($24,000)
Anthony Chacon, Andalusite ($12,000)
Stephanie Cisneros-Flores, Andalusite ($12,000)
Yanira Rocha, Andalusite ($12,000)
Cynthia Rodriguez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Daniel Valles, Andalusite ($12,000)

Valle Verde Early College High School – $100,000
Cynthia Bautista, Presidential ($32.000)
Katelyn Johnson, Excellence ($24,000)
Mauro Guerrero, Andalusite ($12,000)
Jacob Lane, Andalusite ($12,000)
Klarissa Siebert, Andalusite ($12,000)
Megan Cordova, Tanzanite ($8,000)

Ysleta High School – $116,000
Pedro Mendoza-Amaya, Presidential ($32,000)
Xena Tame, Excellence ($24,000)
Jennifer Aragon, Andalusite ($12,000)
Gabriel Lujan, Andalusite ($12,000)
Ana Perez, Andalusite ($12,000)
Amanda Ramos, Andalusite ($12,000)
Ashley Scheinfled, Andalusite ($12,000)
Henry Segovia, Andalusite ($12,000)