• May 19, 2022
 UTEP’s Hunt Institute reports Summer slowdown in area’s recovery

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UTEP’s Hunt Institute reports Summer slowdown in area’s recovery

The Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness released their September report regarding employment and economic activity for the region Monday morning.  According to the latest numbers available, officials report that Ciudad Juárez leads the region in jobs recovery.

Analyzing five sectors of employment for the region in July, officials said there were signs of a slow recovery in El Paso, with increases in Manufacturing (400 jobs gained), Services (300 jobs gained), and Transportation and Utilities (200 jobs gained), while Mining and Construction and Trade decreased each by 200 jobs on a monthly basis.

In Las Cruces, Manufacturing and Trade were the only sectors with gains in employment on a monthly basis; the Services sector had the
highest decrease, falling by 1,000 jobs, followed by Transportation and Utilities (200 jobs lost), and Mining and Construction (100 jobs lost).

In Ciudad Juárez, all employment sectors, except Services and Trade, increased on a monthly basis, led by Manufacturing with 9,400 jobs gained.

Officials say that amidst a surge in COVID-19 cases in El Paso and Las Cruces in July, non-farm employment experienced a slowdown in its recovery, increasing only 0.2% in El Paso from June to July and decreasing 1.5% in Las Cruces.

Non-farm employment in Ciudad Juárez continued its recovery, increasing 1.9% from June to July.

Official estimates indicate that the unemployment rate in June 2020 for El Paso was lower for high-skilled workers (5.5%) than for low-skilled workers (11.2%).

Similar to El Paso, the unemployment rate in June 2020 for Las Cruces was estimated at a lower rate for high-skilled workers (5%) than for low-skilled workers (10%).

According to the institute, due to the sanitary measures taken by state, local, and federal authorities to reduce transmission of COVID-19, Personal Care and Service and Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations were the two major occupation groups with the highest unemployment rates in June 2020.

On a year-over-year basis, all sectors, except Mining and Construction, Manufacturing, and Trade in Las Cruces and Manufacturing and Transportation and Utilities in Ciudad Juárez, exhibited negative growth rates.

The highest over-the-year job losses in absolute terms for these sectors across the region in July were: Services in El Paso (-12,200 approximately), Services in Las Cruces (-5,100 approximately), and Mining and Construction in Ciudad Juárez (-2,900 approximately).

In 2019, Mexico’s northern border cities accounted for 39% of overall Mexican maquiladora employment, with Ciudad Juárez accounting
for the highest share across border maquiladora employment (30.6%).

The monthly salary per production worker in Ciudad Juárez reached an average of $384 in the January to June 2020 period, the second
lowest among Mexican northern border cities. During the first half of the year, the average monthly salary per administrative worker in
Ciudad Juárez ($1,593) was the fourth highest among the northern border cities.

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