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Vaccine Delay forces UMC to reschedule 5k Moderna 2nd Dose recipients

University Medical Center of El Paso officials announced Friday that, due to a delay in receiving its second dose of Moderna from the State of Texas, UMC would have to reschedule appointments set for next week.

According to officials, only those with an appointment for second dose Moderna between February 14 and 18 will be rescheduled for an appointment at a later date.

“UMC is directly contacting those affected by this change,” hospital officials shared via a news release. “Once we have confirmation as to when the second dose of Moderna will arrive, we will be contacting each of those individuals to schedule their appointment.”

Officials note that CDC guidelines currently allow for a second dose to be administered within six weeks after the initial dose.

Additionally, those scheduled to receive their second dose of Pfizer with appointments between February 16 and February 20 will not be impacted. The State has authorized for UMC to use next week’s first-dose Pfizer shipment to vaccinate those coming in for a second dose.

As for this week’s registration process, UMC officials said they will not be opening up the process, online portal or phone line, for new, first-time appointments for the week of February 13 through 19.

“Individuals scheduled to return to UMC’s coliseum site should check their CDC card to verify which vaccine they received and if any of these changes mentioned above may impact them,” officials added.