Vasquez Family establishes Carolina’s Sunshine Fund; Will benefit UMC’s Sobreviviendo el Cancer Program

The family of Dr. Luis and Rosa Vasquez established the Carolina’s Sunshine Fund in memory and honor of Carolina Arteaga, wife, mother, daughter, sister and cancer fighter.

Carolina passed away from pancreatic cancer at age 48, leaving behind her husband, Josue Arteaga and a five-year-old daughter, Kristina.

“Carolina and I sat for hours as she underwent chemotherapy treatment at the Estela Casas Infusion Center for Hope and Healing at UMC,” says Carolina’s sister, Patricia Vasquez.

“We often discussed how difficult it must be for someone to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and to not have the financial means to receive life-prolonging treatments.  For her being given a fighting chance to live gave her hope and strength. We heard about the Sobreviviendo Program and would brainstorm ideas on how we could help.  When Carolina passed I knew the best way to honor her was to create the fund and give others the fighting chance to live.” she explained.

The Fund will benefit cancer patients at UMC’s Sobreviviendo el Cancer / Surviving Cancer program.

“Through Sobreviviendo el Cancer/Surviving Cancer Program, we provide short-term financial support to help patients stay on their treatment plan when all other funding options, including support from family members, have been exhausted. It is the program’s unyielding goal that no one diagnosed with cancer will ever be forced to choose between groceries, rent, transportation, or utilities over a treatment plan,” said Estela Casas, UMC Foundation Executive Director.

“Coping with cancer is one of life’s greatest challenges and every day, cancer patients may not be able to drive themselves to treatments and family and friends may not always be available. We are grateful to the Vasquez Family for their compassion and support.”

To make a tax-deductible donation to Carolina’s Sunshine Fund or to establish a Fund in benefit of UMC or El Paso Children’s Hospital, please contact Anna Alemán at (915) 667-8932 or [email protected]