Veterans, Volunteers Set to Help Improve Bowie Jardin this Saturday

An army of volunteers — including more than 50 U.S. military veterans from throughout the United States — will help bring new life to the thriving Jardín Bowie plan to bring new life to the Bowie Jardin this Saturday.

Mission Continues, a national organization that recruits veterans to volunteer in communities in an effort to help them readjust to civilian live, is organizing a clean up and other upgrades to the growing garden at Bowie.

The event will help ensure that the 5-year-old garden continues to flourish. The garden is an outdoor learning space where students plant, grow, nurture, harvest and sell produce.

“The El Paso 1st Platoon will be joining forces with the Bowie Jardin Community Garden to focus on food security in the bi-national Chamizal neighborhood,” said Simon Chandler, EPISD Community Schools Coordinator. “What better way to celebrate than with veteran volunteers serving alongside local partners and the community.”

Representatives from the organization visited El Paso in April to identify what neighborhood could benefit the most from the help of a service platoon.

“We find neighborhoods with challenging issues, and we deploy service platoons to help make a difference in the community,” said Kay Glaze, Mission Continues city impact manager. “This provides veterans an opportunity to make a big impact in El Paso.”

More than 50 veterans will fly into El Paso this weekend to plant and harvest produce, upgrade the irrigation system and improve the outdoor learning spaces.

The students receive class credit to cultivate the crops that sit along the southside of the campus. The learning experience also introduces them to the tastes and growing needs required to propagate herbs and veggies such as Swiss chard, basil, oregano, figs, eggplant, chile, nopales and pomegranates.

“More tasks will be added as the project develops,” Chandler said. “We are seeking volunteers to complete this project so please invite your friends, family and any large groups to enjoy this day of service in El Paso.”

The service day will take place this Saturday, starting at 9 a.m.

For more information on how to join the El Paso 1st Service Platoon, click here.