• June 27, 2022
 Video: Your City in 5 – Week Ending January 19

Video: Your City in 5 – Week Ending January 19

Host Rick Isaias has all the latest info from around the city. Visit www.elpasotexas.gov for more information on goods and services provided by the City of El Paso.

• Profile: The man in charge of the Street Cars

• Renovation of the Paso Del Norte Hotel

• Free spay/neuter services

• Art on City garbage bins

• The social media connection


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  • This is one of my favorite Good Things! that El Paso Herald Post brings to us with Your City In 5 weekly addition, keep up with the good work El Paso Herald Post and Ricky Isaias on Your City In 5.
    The new streetcar director is originally from Brooklyn New York,there was a nice story write up about him
    on the El Paso Inc. late last year.

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