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Thursday , July 18 2019
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Home | Opinion | Video: Cornyn reiterates support for coverage for preexisting conditions, lower drug prices

Video: Cornyn reiterates support for coverage for preexisting conditions, lower drug prices

Tuesday on the floor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal’s consideration of Texas v. Azar and reiterated Republicans’ commitment to covering Americans with preexisting conditions and lowering prescription drug prices.

Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s floor remarks are below, and video can be found above.

“Blaming Republicans in Congress for a yet-to-be-decided court case doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

“I have no doubt that once again they’ll try to blame Republicans as the bad guys and somehow perpetuate this myth that Republicans are opposed to covering people for preexisting conditions.”

“They know that’s false. They know that’s a bald-faced misrepresentation.”

“If there’s one thing that I think there is a consensus on in the health care field in Congress, it is that preexisting conditions should be covered. In fact, there are pieces of legislation that I’ve cosponsored here in the Senate that do that expressly.”

“The PROTECT Act is just one example of the countless health care bills working their way through the Senate right now.”

“In addition, in the Senate Finance Committee we’re considering a package of bills to reduce prescription drug prices, just as we have in the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee and in the Judiciary Committee. The HELP Committee has overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill to reduce health care costs, increase transparency, and eliminate surprise medical bills, and the Judiciary Committee last week unanimously reported out legislation that would keep pharmaceutical companies from gaming the patent system.”


Senator John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, is a member of the Senate Finance, Intelligence, and Judiciary Committees.

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    Republicans are the BAD GUYS! Mr John Cornyn and you are a bad guy,you are a Texas Mafia Vandido!
    You voted to lift sanctions against a Russian oligarch,you and Ted Cruz did so,and so did Mitch McConnell.
    Because that Russian oligarch is going to build a $2 hundred million dollar plant in the state of Kentucky now the sanctions has been lifted against him.
    You know who else is a bad guy Mr John Cornyn? Greg Abbott is also a very bad guy,just like the rest of you Treasonist Traitors.

    I wish that Beto O’Rouke would had gone after your US senate seat, it would had been a landslide defeat for you.
    You, Chuck Grassley,Orin Hatch,Lindsey Graham,Mitch McConnell have held office for way too long! as you continue to side with Donald Trump. Because her tells you how high to jump,time to stop kissing his ass John Cornyn and do Texas a HUGE FAVOR! RESIGN NOW!
    All republicans are Russia’s men in the Washington D.C. SWAMP!
    Mr Bad Guy, John Cornyn!

  2. Cornyn knows he’s in a tough spot with the Administration pushing this lawsuit and a re-election campaign next year. Bottom line is that John Cornyn has repeatedly voted to take healthcare (and pre-existing condition coverage) away from millions. He’s trying to save his skin on this one and I hope he fails. He has consistently put the donor class ahead of his constituents and has yet to speak out about the concentration camps in Texas. He’s failed Texans and does not deserve to be re-elected.


    Way to go Houston voter! I agree with you 100% very true that John Cornyn has repeatedly voter to take away healthcare away from millions of Americans. Including those that have preexisting conditions, and John Cornyn is a total failure for all Texans.
    Surely he supports the concentration camps here in Texas and so does Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott,they act like descendant from Hitler’s youth.


    Mikey don’t have any health care insurance! neither does Fero! that is one of the reasons that mikey is always mad. Mentally psychotic mad, and to think that he owns a AR 15 assault rifle,the same rifle used in the Parkland Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.
    Remember that mad mike is mad,he is a drifter from out of town and so is Fero and they both support Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein.

    • Epstein is a hard core democrap, like you, probably a pedophile too


        Jeffery Epstein is a republican Mad Mike, and he is also one of Donald Trump’s good men,he likes young girls and he rapes them like Donald Trump has done so in the past.
        As for you, you are still the same old BUTT BLAST! and a child predator! is that why they kicked you out of the salvation Army?
        You sure are a sorry excuse for a white boy.
        TRUMP FOR PRISON IN 2021!
        How do you take your Meth, Mad Mike?
        !: You slam it!
        2: You snort it!
        3: You smoke it in a glass bowl pipe!
        4: You shoot it up your asshole!
        5: All of the above!

        • Alberto knows all about using meth. Obviously he is a meth head doper. Still posts over at the KKKVIA forum with insomnia at 2-3 am. Good thing the KVIA moderators delete his rabid racist rants.


            Jerry AKA Fero, you know that you stay up all night tweaking on crystal meth! You are so guilty conscience about yourself, so 2-3 am in the morning, is mad mike with you at that time?
            I bet you two start fooling around with each other arguing who goes first. Surely you are the bottom of the game.
            Fero La LLORONA!

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