Video: Dinosaur Tracks: Evidence of an Ancient Beach | KCOS’s Only In El Paso – Season 4

Only In El Paso is a series of shorts produced, directed and edited by local filmmakers. Cruise around the channel to learn about our culture, community and landscape that makes El Paso so unique.

El Paso is the site of hundreds of dinosaur tracks, namely at the base of Mt. Cristo Rey. What did El Paso look like before humankind evolved?

Produced by DoubleScope Films

Produced by: Megan O’Toole-Pitts

Directed by: Megan O’Toole-Pitts & Alan Esparza

Director of Photography: Alan Esparza

Aerial Photography: Carlos Luevano

Visual Effects: Carlos Luevano

Edited by: Alan Esparza Music: Mattox

Special Thanks to Eric Kappus, Robert Ardovino