Clip courtesy El Paso Pro-Musica

Video: “Making Music Matter,” Grammy Award Winner Zuill Bailey sharing Virtual Performances

El Paso Pro-Musica and Grammy Award Winning Artistic Director Zuill Bailey, are insuring that music is being provided to soothe and heal during these difficult times.

EPPM has established a special page called “Making Music Matter,” where Bailey, Students from the UTEP Department of Music and Artists familiar with El Paso audiences share everything from cooking lessons to Duke Ellington and more.

Most recently, Zuill,  along with his UTEP Graduate Student Chris Beroes- Haigis, created a virtual video, whereby split/screen technical effects allows them to perform together.

The music is being shared throughout the community to provide soothing and healing sounds.

“This is clearly an example of Entrepreneurship at work, whereby dedicated students, faculty and others are working to Engage and Unite a Community… in the worst of times and best of times.”

The UTEP Center for Arts Entrepreneurship is committed to work alongside the marvels of technology to provide soothing music to comfort and heal. All of us are in this together.” Bailey said.

El Paso Pro-Musica hopes to fill the page with incredible music and work alongside Community organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association to help provide comfort during these trying times.

The video above features El Paso Pro-Musica/ UTEP Center for Arts Entrepreneurship Director Zuill Bailey and UTEP Grad Student Chris Beroes- Haigis and their performance of “Dance of the Blessed Spirits,” by Christoph Gluck.