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Thursday , April 9 2020
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Video – Only in El Paso / Season 5: Drainage: Fragmented images of underground youth

“This is what El Paso was to me, and to many others. I know, it’s generational, yet the same dry-throat rebellion is what we’re all familiar with in our own way. This is an essay, a collection of a side of El Paso that is only known by the kids who live it.”

Isaac Marquez  – Only In El Paso Filmmaker


Only in El Paso is a digital webseries telling unique and positive stories of people and places one can find only in El Paso. Created by KCOS, Destination EP & PBS Digital.

Upcoming Episodes

Isaac Marquez: A Perspective from El Paso
Cassius Casillas: El Paso Comedy
Weird Moved West: The History of Kern Place
Viridiana Villa: El Paso Murals
R-Unity Productions (Rafael PrietoAdrian Romero Richard Gonzalez): Life of a Border Student
Luis Galindo: El Paso Skate Park Association
Monica Riehl: Cinco Punto Press
Tony Dueñez: History of Durangito
Roberto Tibuni: The Boxing Museum

As always, a big hug to our sponsors.

Visit El Paso
Museums and Cultural Affairs Department – City of El Paso
El Paso Electric
PBS Digital Studios

A special thanks to our judges.

Kyle Alvarado
Natalie Eckberg
Mario Ramirez
Gracie Torres

Creative Director

Frank Luna

Operating Manager

Emily Martin Loya

Produced by

Kcos-Tv, El Paso PBS station

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