• June 29, 2022
 Video – Only in El Paso/Season 5: The History of Duranguito

Video – Only in El Paso/Season 5: The History of Duranguito

“The History of Duranguito” highlights the rich and colorful history of Duranguito as well as some of the passionate people who love it.

If you are surprised by tidbits like that El Paso was once home to the largest Chinatown in Texas, then this episode is for you!

The History of Duranguito is produced by Tony Dueñez.


Make plans to join us at the Only in El Paso Viewing party (click here to visit event page) on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Alamo Drafthouse El Paso Tickets are only $5.  To view the entire series from 2019, click here.

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Producer/Creative Director
Frank Luna

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Emily Martin Loya

Special Thanks
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Natalie Eckberg

Produced by
Kcos-Tv, El Paso PBS station


Only in El Paso is a digital webseries telling unique and positive stories of people and places one can find only in El Paso. Created by KCOS, Destination EP & PBS Digital.

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  • I don’t buy this bullshit! Durangito was a name given by Max Grossman! Never did David Dorado Romo or Max Grossman open their wallets to fix up this decaying dilapidated dump.
    Also if El Paso had the largest Chinatown in the state of Texas! where is the Chinatown now? Chinese people are normally located in coastal cities easy access to the ocean,they love to fish and travel back and forth to the Orient.But One Chinese laundry and a few tunnels in the Sunset neighborhood don’t really represent the Chinese culture.These Chinese were brought here by forced labor,against their own will to build the railroads.
    You want to see what a real American Chinatown looks like! travel to San Francisco California and visit a bustling Chinatown neighborhood with real Chinese architecture structures. You would think that you are in downtown Hong Kong. Not to mention the Chinese stores and Chinese restaurants and tens of thousands of Chinese people. celebrating to their culture and their Chinese traditions like Chinese New Years.And they also have tunnels all over Chinatown,for the same purpose,to hide from the white man.
    And the Chinese cuisine is food to die for! But back to this Makeshift name Durangito by Max Grossman!
    This neighborhood was over run by gunslingers,high rollers,drifters,drunks and hot dogs! If you wanted to get laid, it even had it’s own brothel whore house.No STD disease awareness let alone cures to treat the stuff.
    It’s rumored that John Wesley Hardin’s outhouse is buried there under some irrigation ditch.
    Time to build our overwhelmingly voter approved downtown arena,and stop bullshitting about these Union Plaza eyesore.
    The city gave the opposition the option to buy this property from the city and even the billionaire oilman from Houston didn’t come up with the cash.
    You want to make a good documentary about an old El Paso Mexican neighborhood! now called Kern Place!
    It was called Chivas Town, and that run down poor shanty goat town neighborhood was forced to relocate, because the white people wanted to take over it and build their mansions overlooking El Paso/Juarez.Politically! racial preference was the name of the game then and not much has change thereafter. Nobody needs any Ph.D. to get side track about nothing of any historical value in our city.
    Our grandparents knew El Paso’s best stories,and their stories are legendary to the truth.
    And they didn’t go around putting fake names on a neighborhood just because of a street name.
    If you have a place called a Second Ward! and it’s inhabitants are mostly of Mexican descent, then it’s easy to call it, El Segundo Barrio.
    A Si Se Vale, Que No?

    • Chivas Town was actually located on today’s Alalabama Street where the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is now. The neighborhood you are talking about was named La Mesa or StormsVille (Today’s Rim Road Addition).

  • I agree! Max Grossman sucks! Go back to Brooklyn you bum!!! We real El Pasoans want our arena now!!!! We could care less about that pile of rubble your trying to protect. Go remodel Sunset heights instead that place needs help.

    • I am glad someone said it! Mr. Grossman isn’t one of us. Real El Pasoans want improvements like the arena! People like Grossman make fake narratives to keep us stuck in the past!

  • Duranguito was the name of the gang that hung around the corner on Overland and Durango streets. It was the invention of Daid Romo and Yolanda LeyVa. Should not become a historic district with that name. Their data and research needs to be checked and investigated. Too many errors and flaws.

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