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Saturday , October 19 2019
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Video – Only in El Paso/Season 5: The History of Duranguito

“The History of Duranguito” highlights the rich and colorful history of Duranguito as well as some of the passionate people who love it.

If you are surprised by tidbits like that El Paso was once home to the largest Chinatown in Texas, then this episode is for you!

The History of Duranguito is produced by Tony Dueñez.


Make plans to join us at the Only in El Paso Viewing party (click here to visit event page) on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Alamo Drafthouse El Paso Tickets are only $5.  To view the entire series from 2019, click here.

Thank you to the sponsors who make Only in El Paso possible:

Visit El Paso
El Paso Electric
PBS Digital Studios

Producer/Creative Director
Frank Luna

General Manager
Emily Martin Loya

Special Thanks
Gracie Torres
Kyle Alvarado
Natalie Eckberg

Produced by
Kcos-Tv, El Paso PBS station


Only in El Paso is a digital webseries telling unique and positive stories of people and places one can find only in El Paso. Created by KCOS, Destination EP & PBS Digital.

Isaac Marquez: A Perspective from El Paso
Cassius Casillas: El Paso Comedy
Weird Moved West: The History of Kern Place
Viridiana Villa: El Paso Murals
R-Unity Productions (Rafael PrietoAdrian Romero Richard Gonzalez): Life of a Border Student
Luis Galindo: El Paso Skate Park Association
Monica Riehl: Cinco Punto Press
Tony Dueñez: History of Durangito
Roberto Tibuni: The Boxing Museum

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