• June 29, 2022

Video – Only in El Paso/Season 5: El Paso Skatepark Association

In 2010 Thrasher skateboard magazine, one of the most iconic printed outlets for skateboarding content worldwide, gave the city of El Paso the “Skate Town of the Year Award”.

The reason is not only it’s solid skate community – full of all good vibes – that shares knowledge on all skatepark and skate spot directions to any visitor or local, pro or beginner. It also shelters a wide variety of water drain concrete ditches that ussually stays dry because of our slim to none rain pour. The El Paso Skatepark Assosiation is always building a new park or spot by collaborating with city development to pour concrete creating dual usage utilities.

“As skaters we are jumping the fences to get to the ditches anyway, as might as well build them the right way for skateboarding.”
– Paul Zimmerman-

This episode was created by locals. Directed by skateboarder Luis Galindo. Story told by legends and EPSA developers Jaime Favela & Paul Zimmerman. The skating in it by Czechozlovakia team members, Uriel Flores, David Gonzalez, Saul Arzate & Jose Rodriguez. Additional cinematography by Manfred Strobach, Alejandro Iduñate & Jahaziel Ibuado.

Shot on location, in El Paso, Tx., 2019.

To see the full story and directory of the El Paso Skatepark Assosiation follow the link bellow.



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