• November 30, 2021
 Video+Info: Trump declares national emergency to build border wall

Video+Info: Trump declares national emergency to build border wall

President Donald Trump made the national emergency announcement from the Rose Garden of the White House on Friday.

Watch the president’s remarks in the player above, video stream courtesy PBS News Hour.

To read about the announcement, click here; to read about the lawsuit opposing the declaration, click here.

To read the actual “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019” click here.

For in-depth coverage/streaming visit:   CNN   |   Fox News   |   cSpan


Congresswoman Escobar Statement on President Trump’s Unlawful National Emergency Declaration

Today, Congresswoman Veronica Escobar (TX-16) issued the following statement on President Donald Trump’s unlawful national emergency declaration:

“President Trump’s national emergency declaration is a political stunt in order to further his administrations’ anti-immigrant agenda and deliver on a campaign promise to build a wasteful and hateful border wall.

“This attack on our democracy not only undermines Congressional and constitutional authority, it hurts the training, readiness, and quality of life of our service members and their families by potentially taking away more than $275 million from our Ft. Bliss Army Base. Furthermore, this promotes an erroneous narrative that portrays all border communities, including El Paso – a safe and vibrant border community – as a problem.

“El Pasoans and fronterizos across the country know that there is no national emergency. Instead, this administration has manufactured a crisis that has used their communities as ground-zero to implement President Trump’s cruel policies towards immigrants and asylum-seeking children and families.

“President Trump’s abuse of power and lies against our southern border will be challenged in Congress and in the courts. I urge my Republican colleagues to end this complicity, stand for what is right, and work towards understanding and addressing the root causes of our nation’s challenges.”


Texas Border Caucus Chair Rep. Blanco Responds to Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

“Trump’s national emergency declaration for his border wall is dangerous and radical. There is no national security crisis on the border. The only crisis we have is a humanitarian crisis.

“Trump and the Republicans had control of the Presidency, the House, and the Senate for two years and could not get his border wall funded.  This declaration is a dangerous step into dark territory for a president that acts on his worst political impulses. He has trampled on the rule of law and disregarded accepted facts, even from military Generals, the F.B.I., and the U.S. intelligence community. This declaration is purely political.”


  • According to Customs and Border Protection, arrests along the southwest border — the standard metric used to calculate illegal border crossings — numbered 396,579 in fiscal year 2018, which ended Oct. 1. That’s lower than the average over the previous decade (400,751). It’s also lower than the number of border arrests in fiscal 2016, 2014 and 2013.
  • Violent crime has been dropping in El Paso since its modern-day peak in 1993 and was at historic lows before a fence was authorized by Congress in 2006. Violent crime actually ticked up during the border fence’s construction and after its completion, according to police data collected by the FBI.
  • For the third straight year, the city of El Paso was ranked as the safest of its size in the country…Congressional Quarterly ranks the border town as the safest of cities with a population greater than 500,000.


Senator Rodriguez statement in response to the President’s false declaration of a national emergency

State Sen. José Rodríguez, released the following statement after the President declared a false state of national emergency:

It is difficult to fathom an emergency declaration after having had two years to work with a compliant Congress to get done what the President thinks ought to be done. The fact that he was not able to convince his own party of the need when they had control and has openly stated that this is the issue upon which he is staking his re-election campaign should be enough for any self-proclaimed constitutionalist to look askance at his proposed actions.  

More importantly, in my opinion, is that the entire premise is a lie. There is no definition of “border security,” any more than there is “open borders.” Those are simply buzzwords meant to trigger people who know little to nothing about the realities of border enforcement and have unwarranted fears about immigrants.

El Pasoans know the reality of the border first-hand. While I, and frankly, the government’s own security agencies, categorically reject the notion that the border poses an unmet national security threat, we also all recognize the very real issue of smuggling of people and contraband that must be met with smart, focused law enforcement and adequate judiciary.  El Paso meets this challenge every day without demonizing immigrants or border communities.  

The last thing the country needs is an out-of-control president who cannot work with Congress or be trusted to honor an agreement – as happened when he shut down the government for 35 days, hurting millions of people – then attempts unilateral actions in response to criticism from talk show hosts who know or care little for the facts.  

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  • Donald Trump is a bad hombre,he is not presidential and he will never be my president and I will never acknowledge him as the 45th president of the United States.
    Hillary Clinton warned us about Donald Trump during the presidential debates of 2016! but the media and news outlets still preferred Trump over Clinton.
    And the media along with the Russians gave us Donald Trump,the most corrupted con artist on Earth next to Vladimir Putin.
    Donald Trump hates Mexico as he hates Mexicans,he hates any person of color,black,brown,yellow Native American. People of white skin are great people,since he considers them that they all have perfect genes.
    So he much rather have Norwegians,Swedish,Germans,eastern Europeans including Russians immigrate to the United States.
    Therefore, he is a racist scumbag!!! as I just said,Donald Trump hates Mexico because he could build Trump Hotel in Cancun.The Mexicans told him to hit the road,since he didn’t want to pay the construction workers building his hotel. So he holds an ever lasting grudge towards anyone with brown skin.
    Sure there might be some vendidos and people of color that favor Donald Trump like Ben Carson,Kanye West,Candace Owens and others. Be he uses them as tokens,for example,look what happen to Omarosa Manigault!
    Now Donald Trump will divert funding from other government sources to pay for his medieval racist border wall,in the sum of $8 billion dollars.
    Best bet is that attorney general William Barr is going to fire the special counsel criminal investigator Robert Mueller. Besides that William Barr was also responsible to getting George H. Bush to pardon the six criminals involved in the Iran/Contra scandal.
    That is how the republican party works in America, the most fascist cheating corrupted scum on planet earth.
    Only a racist will tell us that there is a national emergency going on in the southern border! sure,the border is not 100% secured. If they would hire more border patrol agents and get the proper equipment to do the job right.
    There is more criminal violence in the United States being committed by Americans,than by immigrants. Fact Check that. White Angel Mothers! Life is like playing Russian Roulette,being at the wrong place at the wrong time,fate and destiny,bad luck,only thing guaranteed in life,is death etc. But nothing beats mass shootings in the USA!

    • After all of the crimes of the Obama regime I am surprised you have the nerve to write anything about Trump. After all of the REAL criminals Obama pardoned, the crimes he , himself, committed, the lies he told, the tax money he stole and gave to our enemies…I can’t believe you could even write this drivel. Too much to write here but the indictments are coming, justice will finally be done and history will prove you a fool.

  • Finally…President Trump declares a NATIONAL EMERGENCY over the invasion at the border. I am sure the GLOBALISTS will squeal and pay liberal politicians fight him, tooth and nail. They will take him to court. They will lie , cheat and steal to keep these Central American invaders coming in to drain our welfare safety net, bring in drugs and most of all, vote in our elections for the Democrats but Trump will win and they will lose.

    This world wide movement of illegal immigration by the Globalists has almost bankrupted Europe, impoverished every American taxpayer and is threatening the safety of everyone in the country.

    I don’t understand how a major political Party, the Democrats, can be so wrong an every issue unless it is intentional. The border and the cost of illegal immigration, late term or “Post Birth” abortion which is murder, disarming law abiding Americans while doing nothing about disarming criminals, bringing in Muslim welfare recipients that want to kill us and now the “GREEN NEW DEAL” that promises a 70% tax rate. This is absolutely insane.

    In the end President Trump will win on all of these issues or unfortunately, we will all lose!

    • Declares a national emergency when there ain’t no national emergency! Donald Trump is just desperately trying to fulfill his broken campaign promise! didn’t he promise that Mexico would pay for the wall?
      Why are you so worry about a socialist program called welfare Michael Pacer?
      When have immigrants ever voted in our elections? yes they do vote, but only when they become naturalized citizens.
      All the drugs are inside you’re head Michael Pacer,and up you’re veins! the rest of your rants are B.S.
      The one about late term or post abortion! and you call it murder! Murder is when the republicans deny Plan Parenthood funding. Murder is when a child is born, then the GOP cuts off funding for social services such as food stamps and child healthcare.
      Nobody is disarming anyone, it’s all in your sick mind, and besides, how many assault weapons do you need? Back ground checks is what America needs,in order to buy a gun.
      Didn’t Trump just roll back the law from mentally unstable people to buy guns,so now anyone can buy a gun. Then go out and shoot school children like Nikolas Cruz in Florida?
      Where has there been Muslim welfare recipients that want to kill us! all the killings are done by Americans throughout the country.And mostly by extremist fanatic republicans with the blessing from the NRA!
      Donald Trump might be inside some prisons walls before 2020,and so will Donald Trump Jr.
      I hope that this thread remains visible for you to read Michael Pacer,before it disappears.

      • I noticed you didn’t sign your name to this BS, another gutless Democrat talking trash.
        First, every mass shooter in the last 20 years was a Democrat or a Muslim…EVERY ONE!!!
        In Chicago, the murder capital of the world, all shooters and all victims are Democrats.
        As far as disarming honest gun owners, California, Washington and New York are confiscating guns even as we speak without due process and you are fool.
        I believe Nicolas Cruz got his gun from a family member.
        Abortion is murder, late term abortion is a crime and half the money PPH gets from our government goes straight into the DNC coffers. The babies killed by PPH in late term abortions are cut up for their parts and sold to the highest bidder. The one doctor from PPH said a fresh, full term baby liver would pay for a Mazerati.
        Liars like you make me sick and shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
        Next time sign your name to your lies.
        By the way…it’s time for your enema because you are full of it.

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