• June 26, 2022
 Video+Gallery+Story: Crockett Elementary celebrates completion of EPISD Bond improvements

Video+Gallery+Story: Crockett Elementary celebrates completion of EPISD Bond improvements

On Friday, staff, students and others at Historic Crockett Elementary officially dedicated $10.3 million Bond updates – a project that preserves the vintage feel of the century-old school with 21st century amenities.

EPISD dignitaries joined with Crockett staff and students in the iconic — and newly renovated — auditorium for ribbon-cutting ceremony. It will play a major role in the official 100th birthday celebration this November.

“Today, we are acknowledging the work that was done and the people contributing to the remodeling school – specifically our taxpayers who provided the funds to do this,” said principal Elco Ramos.

The auditorium features new hardwood floors, refurbished doors, a new ceiling and refurbished windows.

“Everything you see here is completely new,” Ramos said, looking around the auditorium. “The ambiance and feeling walking into a new place is totally different.”


Students and teachers began moving into the new classrooms more suited to today’s learning. Promethium Electronic boards sit in every classroom, which act similarly to giant tablets. New furniture also complements the 21st century learning.

“The classrooms are wide and will lend themselves better for active learning,” Ramos said. “The kids are loving it.”

He turned to the Crockett cheer squad, asking them what they thought of the renovations.

“Just look at their faces,” he said, as they let out a big cheer. “They’re excited to be here.”

Fifth grader Mariel Sanchez was among excited students at the ribbon-cutting.

“I think it’s amazing that this school is 100 years old,” Mariel said. “I think the renovations make it look like it’s a brand-new school.”

One of her favorite new amenities: the water fountains.

“I like that the water fountains are sensor activated so you can fill your water bottle with them,” she said. “I also like the new bathrooms. They’re much neater than before.”

Other updates include a new roof, accessibility improvements, new landscaping, a new bus and student drop-off, new basketball courts, new restrooms, landscaped courtyard and new lighting.

“It’s really nice, pretty and very remodeled. It looks amazing,” said fourth grader Samira Villado. “I love this school.”

Story by Reneé De Santos  |  Photos by Leonel Monroy  |  Video by Angel Dominguez – EPISD

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