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Video+Gallery+Story: Locomotive FC unveils custom jerseys for second season

El Paso Locomotive FC continue their culture of creativity, imagination, and excellence by providing fans and players with one of a kind kits for year two; a collaboration between BLK and El Paso Locomotive designer, Itzel Zambrano.

“El Paso was very clear that they wanted their kit to represent their community, their core values and the spirit of the Locos. They did not want an off-the-shelf solution which is offered by most other brands. It has been a collaborative journey between BLK and Locomotive in bringing the new range to life. We are sure the players and fans will be very proud of the end result and to wear a quality kit that is exclusive to El Paso Locomotive,” stated Tyron Brant, BLK Chief Executive Officer.

The Dark Blue jersey brings a sense of modern style to a classic “chevron” pattern famously used by some of the biggest clubs in global soccer.

With the chevrons pointing downward and incorporating a number of various tones from the blue color palette, this jersey incorporates both West Texas Sky and Desert Dusk in a stylized hombre pattern famously used by clubs like Barcelona and Manchester United over the years.  A predominantly dark jersey, this will be a mainstay for the team as they begin their 2020 play.

With both a touch of modern flair and classical homage to soccer from around the globe, this jersey provides fans with an updated look to last year’s Desert Dusk kit.

The Light Blue and White Jersey, as with the dark jersey, takes a classic soccer aesthetic and adds in a contemporary touch.  The “sash” has been used by mega-clubs such as River Plate, Inter Milan, LA Galaxy and both the US and Mexico National teams.  This take is a stylized sfumato, which blends light to dark and the design approach blends many small dots into one cohesive sash, tricking the eye to see one clear pattern from afar but upon closer inspection is made up of many small dots. This clean and bold look blends both classic and modern styles for an unmistakable look leading into 2020.

“Transitioning from neon green and pink to a strong red and emboldened yellow, our keepers are taking on a ferocious and intimidating look for 2020.  With a monochromatic look returning for 2020, a more connected feel between the field players and goalkeepers was the objective,” officials with the club shared.

Instead of a separate design for their 2019 uniforms, their reflective kits take on the two styles of the field players for 2020.

“Though subtle, the red jersey mimics the chevron patterns of the dark blue kit and the yellow jersey mimics the “sash” look of the white and light blue kits,” Locomotive officials added. “Representing one unified group on and off the field, 2020 promises to be a year to remember not only from a competition side but also a stylistic perspective.”

Fans can reserve their 2020 jerseys via this link.

Gallery by Johnny Yturales – El Paso Herald Post & EP Locomotive

Video & Photos courtesy El Paso Locomotive FC/Facebook