• September 16, 2021
 Video+Gallery+Story: Magoffin students join cup stacking world-record attempt

Video+Gallery+Story: Magoffin students join cup stacking world-record attempt

Magoffin students on Thursday raced to stack cups three by three to join with other students around the globe seeking to break a world speed stacking record.

The students enrolled in the Boys and Girls Club after school program, took part in the Guinness World Record Day to help collectively stack more than 635,000 cups on one day. Verifications are continuing to come in but the Magoffin students spent more than 30 minutes doing stacking relays for their part in the world record attempt.

“I like to challenge myself to stack them faster and faster,” said sixth-grader David Loya. “It’s a fun thing that a bunch of kids from all over the world gets to join in.”

Cup stacking actually began more than 20 years ago by a physical education coach who created the activity for his students during inclement weather. The sport has since grown giving students of all speeds and dexterity opportunities to participate with a variety of sizes of cups.

At Magoffin, the after-school students have been busy practicing in anticipation of Thursday’s big event.

“The kids have started slow and are starting to increase their speed,” said Fernando Castro, site coordinator for Magoffin’s Boys and Girls Club program. “It helps with their thinking and hand-eye coordination.”

Sixth-grader Andre Leyva enjoys rush stacking as fast as possible.

“I feel like I’m in an action movie,” he said. “It’s intense.”

Story by Reneé de Santos  |  Photos by Leonel Monroy |  Boomerang video by Victoria Castillo/EPISD

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