• May 21, 2022
 Casting a Straight-Party Ticket in El Paso

Photo courtesy: SISD

Casting a Straight-Party Ticket in El Paso

The other day, while I was taking photos a different polling stations in El Paso, I was approached by an individual who told me that when he cast his ballot as a straight Republican, Ted Cruz was not selected. This seems to be an issue across Texas.

To help clear up any confusion I spoke with Lisa Wise, Elections Administrator for El Paso County.

Additionally, the following was issued by Keith Ingram, Director of Elections for the State of Texas:

We have heard from a number of people voting on Hart eSlate machines that when they voted straight ticket, it appeared to them that the machine had changed one or more of their selections to a candidate from a different party.

This can be caused by the voter taking keyboard actions before a page has fully appeared on the eSlate, thereby de-selecting the pre-filled selection of that party’s candidate.

Specifically, the Hart eSlate system uses a keyboard with an “Enter” button and a selection wheel button. The “Enter” button on a Hart eSlate selects a voter’s choice. The selection wheel button on a Hart eSlate allows the voter to move up and down the ballot.

It is important when voting on a Hart eSlate machine for the voter to use one button or the other and not both simultaneously, and for the voter to not hit the “Enter” button or use the selection wheel button until a page is fully rendered. A voter should note the response to the voter’s action on the keyboard prior to taking another keyboard action.

It is also important for the voter to verify their selections are correct before casting their ballot. Step-by-step instructions for the use of a Hart e-Slate machine are available on VoteTexas.gov.

As a reminder, voters should always carefully check their review screen before casting their ballots. If a voter has any problems, they should notify a poll worker immediately so the issues can be addressed and reported.

So, remember, if you are voting a straight ticket, you only need to enter that, using the stylus, and that’s it. Hope this helps!

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