Video: Pachucos: A Culture of Unity | KCOS’s Only In El Paso – Season 4

Only In El Paso is a series of shorts produced, directed and edited by local filmmakers. Cruise around the channel to learn about our culture, community and landscape that makes El Paso so unique.

“Pachucos” features direct access to those in the local Pachuco scene who are responsible for keeping the culture and legacy alive.

Filmmaker Viridiana Villa follows the current scene of the Chicano subculture that was born in El Paso, during the 1940s, and shares how being a Pachuco today is not only all about dressing up but having a deep-seeded root in community support and identity.

Directed and Produced by Viridiana Villa

Music by Roberto Portillo Lincoln Park

Production by Bobbie Ramirez

Translator by Brian Craig Ceely

Special Thanks 915 Pachucos & Pachucas Unidos David Gonzalez