• May 15, 2022
 Video+Statement: Cornyn – Senate Votes to Advance Kavanaugh Nomination

Clip courtesy CSpan

Video+Statement: Cornyn – Senate Votes to Advance Kavanaugh Nomination

WASHINGTON –On the floor of the Senate Chambers, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed Friday’s successful vote to advance Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and detailed the shameful tactics used by Democrats to derail and destroy his nomination.

Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s floor remarks are below, and video can be found above, courtesy CSpan.

“What the Senate just voted for was to end the games, character assassination, and the intimidation tactics that unfortunately have characterized so much of this confirmation process.”

“The FBI investigation was a useful way to demonstrate to the American people that none of these allegations that have been made against Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct have been proven.”

“There have been seven background investigations by the FBI of Judge Kavanaugh during his public service. The FBI has talked to more than 150 witnesses.”

“I feel badly for Dr. Ford in particular. She wanted none of this three-ring circus. She sent a letter to the ranking member and asked that her identity remain confidential, only to find, after the first confirmation hearing, that it was leaked to the press.”

“When we gave her an opportunity to have a bipartisan, professional investigation staff come out to California and interview her confidentially, she said, ‘nobody explained to me that was an option.’ Well, the lawyers that the ranking member referred her to apparently didn’t even tell their own client that she had the opportunity to avoid this three-ring circus.”

“We decided that Dr. Ford should be given an opportunity to tell her side of the story.”

“Throughout the hearing, we listened to Dr. Ford and we tried to understand what she was telling us.”

“We took her allegations seriously and treated her the same way we would want our wives or our daughters treated.”

“But we know at the end of the day there was no other witness who could corroborate or confirm what she said, even the ones she identified as having been present.”

“The other thing about these allegations made against Judge Kavanaugh is they are completely out of character.”

“We all had a chance to read the FBI report which failed to corroborate Dr. Ford’s allegations, and then today we did exactly what we needed to do, which is to vote. To stop the circus, stop the hijinks, stop the character assassination, and vote. So I’m glad our colleagues decided to close off debate.”


Senator John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, is a member of the Senate Finance, Intelligence, and Judiciary Committees.

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  • The FBI could find absolutely no corroborating evidence against Kavanaugh. Even Ford’s list of witnesses denied knowing what she was talking about.

  • How many investigations did the GOP do into Benghazi, find nothing, but still kept investigating? His entire party is morally bankrupt. Vote the GOP out of existence.

    • Hey tide pod eater,Kavanaugh just got sworn in

    • What are you going to do when Cruz demolishes Robert Francis?

  • “John Cornyn of Texas complained about the Democrats: “Power is so important to some people that they will do anything to get it”—which struck some Democrats as odd, since it was Cornyn and his colleagues who in 2016 refused to grant a hearing to Obama nominee Merrick Garland, holding him hostage for 293 days, the longest limbo in high court nomination history. Cornyn also hailed a Kavanaugh endorsement from Yale law professor Akhil Amar, omitting the fact that Amar suggested on Sept. 24 that, in light of the sexual assault allegations, perhaps Trump should nominate “a back-up candidate.” ”

    The Senate’s Ill Winds Blow Across the Kavanaugh Confirmation — The Atlantic

  • John Cornyn is a follower and not a leader! he’s one of the old aging white men republicans who’s time’s up and must get voted out of office in 2020. Beto O’Rourke is a Leader and a Uniter, Ted Cruz is a follower and is working for the clampdown corporations and special interest groups.
    Both John Cornyn and Ted Cruz mischaracterize the facts and their opponents with lies.
    The first time ever in all of American history that there is now a Rapist Court Justice in the Supreme Court, not much difference than whats in the white house which is another sex abuser.
    If democrats don’t restore order and retake the house of congress in November,all is doom all is lost and PUTIN WINS! again.

  • Hey Alberto,Kavanaugh just got sworn in. Are you going to move to Mexico or Canada?

    • To ARYAN BROTHER! Hey Mikey! the answer is NO! Mexico is fine and so is Canada but I’m an American Born Citizen from El Paso Texas! YOU have any problems with that? I’m not worried about a rapist Supreme Court Justice considering the era that we are now living in with another rapist living inside the white house.Among all the sexual abuse from about 19 women, and payoffs to porn stars, AREN’T YOU GLAD THAT MICHAEL COHEN FLIPPED!
      As long as Bart Kavanaugh don’t go after Special Counsel Criminal Investigator, Robert Mueller criminal investigation of Trump/Russia criminal investigation.
      There is only one way for Trump to continue to succeed with his criminal activities, and that is if we Patriot American Democrats DON’T RETAKE BOTH HOUSES OF CONGRESS! That’s Americas LAST HOPE! Either we wake up VICTORIOUS on Wednesday,November 7th!
      So I’m not worried, IT’S ON YOU MAD MIKE!
      Will you move to Russia to be with the rest of the White Nationalist! you need to learn how to speak Russian if we win both houses in 30 days from now?
      I wouldn’t have any problem living in Canada or Mexico, I speak bilingual, but my home is in EL PASO USA! see ya wouldn’t want to be ya…..
      TRUMP’S,FINAL DAYS OF RECKONING, are coming in 2019! so many losing battles for Trump to fight if democrats take both houses of congress.
      GOD HELP US!

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