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 Video+Story: Aberg leads Day One at Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic

Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic, day one, round 1 and 2, at the El Paso Country Club, Monday, November 25, 2019, in El Paso, TX. Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre/Sun Bowl Association

Video+Story: Aberg leads Day One at Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic

Ludvig Aberg, who came into the tournament rated No. 44 in the World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR), shot a 9-under-par 62 in round one to take the lead in the Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic and held that lead by shooting a 5-under-par in round two on the par 71, 6,889 yard El Paso Country Club course.

Aberg, who is an amateur at Texas Tech, marked a total of 15 birdies in two rounds of play and heads into the final round with a four-stroke lead over Zan Luka Stirn, who marked an 8-under-par 63 in the second round.

Aberg shot six consecutive birdies in round one, from hole No. 11 to hole No. 16 before paring on 17 and marking another birdie on the par four, 18.

“It was a lot of fun out there today and the pace of play was very good. There was no waiting at all,” Aberg said. “Some days where the hole just feels like a bucket and today was one of those days.”

Zan Luka Stirn, who is currently playing as an amateur at Arkansas State, tallied nine birdies in round two, posting an 8-under-par 63 to move up seven spots from round one to the No. 2 spot.

Garett Reband, who grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and is playing at Oklahoma, is in third place with two-round score of 7-under-par 135.

Phillip Barbaree, a native of Shreveport, La., is in a tie for fourth with Mason Overstreet, of Kingfisher, Okla. and Mattias Schmid of Maxhvette, Germany.  They are all sitting at 6-under-par.  Barbaree plays at LSU, Overstreet is attending and playing the University of Arkansas and Schmid plays for Louisville.

Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic, day one, round 1 and 2, at the El Paso Country Club, Monday, November 25, 2019, in El Paso, TX. Photo by Ivan Pierre Aguirre/Sun Bowl Association

“I just wanted to go out there and see what happens.  I need to make a lot of birdies and to give myself chances to move up,” said Barbaree.

The final round of action of the Sun Bowl Marathon All-America Golf Classic kicks off at 8 a.m. (MT) tee times through 8:50 a.m. (MT).

The tournament is free and open to the public and everyone is invited to get out and watch future PGA players.

Follow along with live scoring via this link.




Finish                    Player                                                   School                                                  Scores                                 

1                              Ludvig Aberg                                      Texas Tech                                          62-66—128(-14)

2                              Zan Luka Stirn                                    Arkansas State                                  69-63—132(-10)

3                              Garett Reband                                  Oklahoma                                           67-68—135(-7)

T4                           Mason Overstreet                           Arkansas                                              67-69—136(-6)

T4                           Philip Barbaree                                 LSU                                                        68-68—136(-6)

T4                           Matthias Schmid                              Louisville                                              68-68—136(-6)

7                              Trevor Werbylo                                 Arizona                                                 71-66—137(-5)

T8                           RJ Manke                                            Pepperdine                                        73-65—138(-4)

T8                           Kyle Cottam                                        Clemson                                              71-67—138(-4)

T8                           William Moll                                       Vanderbilt                                           67-71—138(-4)

T11                         Hunter Eichhorn                               Marquette                                          70-69—139(-3)

T11                         Trent Phillips                                      Georgia                                                70-69—139(-3)

T11                         Garrett Barber                                   LSU                                                        68-71—139(-3)

T11                         Adrien Dumont de Chassart         Illinois                                                   69-70—139(-3)

T11                         Patrick Welch                                     Oklahoma                                           71-68—139(-3)

T11                         John Murphy                                     Louisville                                              72-67—139(-3)

T11                         Oskar Ambrosius                              UTEP                                                     67-72—139(-3)

T11                         Benjamin Shipp                                 NC State                                              69-70—139(-3)

T19                         Peter Kuest                                        BYU                                                        70-70—140(-2)

T19                         Rhett Rasmussen                             BYU                                                        69-71—140(-2)

T19                         Jack Trent                                            UNLV                                                    72-68—140(-2)

T19                         Logan McAllister                               Oklahoma                                           70-70—140(-2)

T23                         Parker Coody                                     Texas                                                    72-69—141(-1)

T23                         Peng Pichaikool                                 Mississippi State                               73-68—141(-1)

T23                         Michael Feagles                                Illinois                                                   73-68—141(-1)

T26                         Joshua McCarthy                              Pepperdine                                        72-70—142(E)

T26                         Jamie Li                                                 Florida State                                       72-70—142(E)

T26                         Maximilian Steinlechner               NC State                                              73-69—142(E)

T26                         Quade Cummins                               Oklahoma                                           71-71—142(E)

30                           Tripp Kinney                                       Iowa State                                           71-72—143(+1)

T31                         Julian Perico                                       Arkansas                                              69-75—144(+2)

T31                         Jimmy Lee                                           Texas A&M                                         74-70—144(+2)

T31                         Jerry Ji                                                   Illinois                                                   72-72—144(+2)

34                           Albin Bergstrom                               USF                                                        71-74—145(+3)

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