Video+Story: New Mural Adds More Color to Clardy Fox Library

A new, colorful mural that covers part of the Clardy Fox Library, was unveiled to the public on Satuday

Local artist Adrian Lopez created the mural as part of the MCAD’s Artist Incubator Program and received funding to design and install the mural. He and dozens of volunteers are putting the finishing touches on the mural that’s on the front part of the library.

The mural covers 5,000 square feet of the exterior of the building, located at 5515 Robert Alva.

“Teaching and collaborating with youth for over a decade, I now have an opportunity to create for and with the community I have grown up in,” said mural artist Adrian Lopez.

Lopez, along with members from the Henderson Middle School Chess Club, traded pawns for paint brushes, adding vibrant pops of color to a new abstract art project beautifying the library.

“MCAD has a long standing partnership with El Paso’s Libraries. We work together to bring cultural programming directly into the neighborhoods and communities around El Paso. This is a great opportunity to install a new art piece where it will welcome library visitors for many years to come,” said Museums and Cultural Affairs Director Tracey Jerome.

“Libraries in El Paso serve as centers of culture, art and literature. Thanks to funding from MCAD and the work of artists like Mr. Lopez, libraries are able to improve the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhoods in which they’re located and give local artists an outlet for their creativity and make citizens more proud of their communities,” said El Paso Public Library Interim Library Director, Mark Pumphrey.

The City of El Paso is one of the few municipalities that provides direct funding to artists to create new work. This funding is awarded annually through a highly competitive grant process.