• January 27, 2022
 Video: Cornyn Votes to Secure Border, Calls for Reform of National Emergencies Act

Video: Cornyn Votes to Secure Border, Calls for Reform of National Emergencies Act

WASHINGTON – Thursday on the floor of the Senate, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed his vote against the Democrats’ attempt to block the President from securing the border and called on Congress to reform the National Emergencies Act.

Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s floor remarks are below, and video can be found above. 

“As I’ve said in the past, I’ll repeat again: what we are doing here today is no one’s first choice.”

“The refusal of Democrats in the House and the Senate to engage in negotiations on border security funding has led us to a 35-day government shutdown. Despite the clear message from border security experts, despite seeing the humanitarian crisis at the border described by President Obama in 2014 get many times worse, our Democratic colleagues decided to play politics instead of dealing with the problem.”

“My preference would be for the normal appropriations process to be used. But when your negotiating partners refuse to take a seat at the table, normal goes out the window. Our colleagues across the aisle left the president with few options to fund what he believed were so important for the nation’s security, and that’s what led us to this situation.”

“It’s clear that the president is operating within the authority that Congress has given to him. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to agree with it. But it’s clear that the president is operating within the authority Congress delegated to him.”

“I believe there’s a need to rein back in some of the authority that Congress has delegated to presidents, just as an institutional concern, as a constitutional matter. Which I am cosponsoring a bill that has been introduced by our colleague, Senator Lee, which gives Congress a stronger voice in processes under the National Emergencies Act.”

“I think this is an honest and important effort to hopefully help us prevent us from ending up in this predicament in the future.”

“The terrain and the 1,200-mile border between Texas and Mexico vary significantly.”

“What works well in one sector does not work well in another. And what I continue to hear from my constituents, including elected officials at the border, that if this is the border patrol telling us what they need in order to succeed to do the job we have asked them to do, we’re all in.”

“I think we need to take action to adequately fund our border security missions, and I hope our discussions in the coming months will be more productive than they have been so far this year. I will vote against the resolution of disapproval today and encourage my colleagues to instead focus our energy on reforming the legislation that got us into this situation to begin with.”


Senator John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, is a member of the Senate Finance, Intelligence, and Judiciary Committees.

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  • And today 12 republican senators voted with the democrats defeating Donald Trump’s national emergency when there is NO NATIONAL EMERGENCY! final vote count was 59 against Trump’s FAKE national emergency to 41 for trump’s fake national emergency.
    I sure hope that congressman Joaquin Castro decides to run against John Cornyn, the senile old white man that lives off the American taxpayer dollars. And send him to a retirement nursing home in Houston for old timers.
    Donald Trump STRIKES OUT AGAIN! he struck out on the government shutdown! the he struck out again on the North Korean Hanoi Vietnam summit. And no he struck out again today. Sure that he’ll veto his own defeat, but what then, an over ride veto by the house of congress?

    • Prove it’s fake. Child trafficking isn’t fake. The fentanyl and oxy drugs alone are enough reason to secure our border. In truth we are a sovereign country. That’s reason enough alone. Liberals and their fake tit bagging BS is pathetic. I want someone to prove it’s fake. All the experts scream it’s real. Look at the medical issues with the illegals. TB, Mumps, etc. Highly contagious conditions. Some sneak in and make contact with others and spread it without getting treatment. From your post you wouldn’t know fake if it came up and bit you in the ass

  • Cornyn and other old members of congress need to be removed they are all milking all they can get from the tax payer! I doubt Joaquin Castro will be any different!

  • This is a very sad situation. The only reason the Democrats want illegal immigrants in our country is for votes. They don give a damn about the American people. We need to increase border security greatly and alot of border patrol agents have said so, but Democrats and some Republicans dont think so.

    So I look at it this way, for those that don’t want this WALL. Then they need to advertise their address and allow all of the illegals to come to their houses and set up camp, and when one the illegals commits a crime, the people that allows them in need to be charged. Let the illegals rape and kill your family members, and rob and steal from you.
    Bet you would be speaking a different tune when that happens.

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