• October 25, 2021
 Video+Story: EPISD celebrates 2019-20 Campus Teachers of the Year

Video+Story: EPISD celebrates 2019-20 Campus Teachers of the Year

This week, EPISD campuses celebrated the work done by the thousands of professional educators who work to provide high-quality instruction to the children of the District by selecting a campus Teacher of the Year.

“The Teacher of the Year contest allows us to celebrate the contributions our outstanding educators make on a daily basis,” said Superintendent Juan E. Cabrera.

“Never has this commitment to our children been more important and evident than during the campus closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” he added. “The campus teachers of the year represent the best of the best in the District. And our community is grateful for their work and their dedication.”

Campuses each year select one member of its teaching staff to compete in the annual EPISD Teacher of the Year program — the contest that each year selects one elementary and one secondary teacher to represent the District at the regional contest.

The District will announce the EPISD Teacher of the Year Top 10 Finalists this weekend in anticipation of National Teacher Appreciation Week. The two winners will be announced later that month.

Help us celebrate the EPISD campus Teachers of the Year

  • Aoy Elementary: Irma Gutierrez
  • Barron Elementary: Rosalinda Walker
  • Bliss Elementary: Meg Vereen
  • Bond Elementary: Diana Rodriguez
  • Bonham Elementary: Perla Navarro
  • Bradley Elementary: Barbara Delgado
  • Cielo Vista Elementary: Isela Rodriguez
  • Clardy Elementary: Michelle D. De La Rosa
  • Clendenin Elementary: Crystal Acosta
  • Coldwell Elementary: Mardeny Flores
  • Collins Elementary: Yadira Vitela
  • Cooley Elementary: Angelica Ramirez
  • Crockett Elementary: Leticia Gutierrez
  • Crosby Elementary: Angelina Perez
  • Douglass Elementary: Gabriela Arellano
  • Dowell Elementary: Maria Eugenia Morales
  • Fannin Elementary: Susan Barron
  • Green Elementary: Yvette Avila White
  • Guerrero Elementary: Rosa Gatlin
  • Hart Elementary: Blanca Bailon
  • Hawkins Elementary: Sandra Coman
  • Herrera Elementary: Martha L. Tovar
  • Hillside Elementary School: Melina Olivas
  • Hughey Elementary: Guadalupe Alvarez
  • Johnson Elementary: Elizabeth Chavez
  • Kohlberg Elementary: Miriam Carmona
  • Lamar Elementary/About Face: Ana L. Gomez
  • Lee Elementary: Alma Rose Gonzalez
  • Logan Elementary: Maribel Franco
  • Lundy Elementary: Denisse Almaraz Valencia
  • MacArthur Intermediate: Regina Chavez
  • Mesita Elementary: Christina Ceniceros
  • Milam Elementary: Eduardo Avila
  • Moreno Elementary: Hilda Isabel Moreno
  • Moye Elementary: Analilia Sanchez
  • Newman Elementary: Ruth Medina
  • Nixon Elementary: Jammie Price
  • Park Elementary: Robert Griego
  • Polk Elementary: Yolanda Hernandez
  • Powell Elementary: Rose Durden
  • Putnam Elementary: Samantha Salazar
  • Rivera Elementary: Diane E. Johnson
  • Roberts Elementary: Elsa M. Perez
  • Rusk Elementary: Georgina Colley
  • Stanton Elementary: Lana Arreola
  • Tippin Elementary: Lena Leahey
  • Tom Lea Elementary: Jimmy Nieto
  • Travis Elementary: Luz Zendejas de Campbell
  • Western Hills Elementary: Marisela Stanley
  • Whitaker Elementary: Brenda Vidana
  • Zach White Elementary: Marta Rodarte
  • Zavala Elementary: Veronica Rodriguez


  • Armendariz Middle: Jesus Rivera
  • Bassett Middle: David H. Jara
  • Brown Middle: Ryan Edwards
  • Canyon Hills Middle: Lecroy Rhyanes
  • Charles Middle: Krystle McClain
  • Guillen Middle: Crucita Campos
  • Henderson Middle: Mary L. Quinn
  • Hornedo Middle: Francelia Muñoz
  • Lincoln Middle: Michael Hugh Draper
  • Magoffin Middle: Diego Garcia
  • Morehead Middle: Linda Duncan
  • Richardson Middle: Christopher Mitchell
  • Ross Middle: Yvonne Rivera
  • Terrace Hills Middle: Sarah Cooper
  • Wiggs Middle: Erika Ahumada
  • Young Women’s STEAM: Jennifer Thacker


  • Andress High: Michael Edward Herrera
  • Austin High: Lyn Peticolas
  • Bowie High: Cande Barragan
  • Burges High: Jose D. Hernandez
  • Chapin High: Julie Oshiro
  • Coronado High: Adrian Chavez
  • El Paso High: Luz Patricia Aguirre-Rodriguez
  • Franklin High: Rene Mena
  • Irvin High: Stephanie Sanchez
  • Jefferson High: MAJ (Ret.) Andres J. Leday Jr.
  • Silva Health Magnet High: Tobias Block
  • Transmountain Early College High: Sarah Porter
  • College, Career & Technology Academy: Javier Del Campo
  • Center for Career & Technology Education: Rosalva Alvarez
  • Delta Academy: Victoria Groening
  • Telles Academy: Erik Elizondo

Story by Gustavo Reveles  |  Photos by Leonel Monroy – EPISD

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