• January 27, 2022
 Video+Story: Las Palmas Del Sol donates bleed-control kits to EPISD

Video+Story: Las Palmas Del Sol donates bleed-control kits to EPISD

EPISD is training educators and students to control bleeding in case of lifesaving situations with Stop the Bleed kits donated by Las Palmas Del Sol.

Last week, representatives from Las Palmas Del Sol, along with students and EPISD administration, unveiled the bleeding control stations at Chapin High School.

The kits will be available at all EPISD campuses and include tourniquets to stop hemorrhages, dressings to pack wounds, and special bandages to protect against collapsed lungs.

“I’m thankful for Las Palmas Del Sol for allowing EPISD to continue our support community in lifesaving situations,” EPISD Director of Health Services Alana Bejarano said.

An individual suffering from blood loss can die within five minutes, and those trained to stop life-threatening bleeding can make all the difference.

“We have seen an incident in our community where a terrible thing happened, and these kinds of kits are important to have available,” Del Sol Medical Center Trauma Medical Director Dr. Stephen Flaherty said.

Last summer, Texas Gov. Greg Abbot signed House Bill 496 into law requiring staff and students in the state to receive training and have access to bleed-control stations.

The Las Palmas Del Sol donation will allow EPISD schools to comply with the new law and help in a bleeding emergency.

Stop the Bleed kits will be centrally located at each campus and will be readily accessible to students, teachers and first responders.

Bejarano said the kits further the District’s commitment to the safety and security of students — a top priority for EPISD.

“EPISD prides itself in providing safe learning environment to all students,” she said. “The bleed-control kits that are now in every single one of our schools will give us one additional layer of response in this effort.”

Story by Liliana Gonzalez  |  Photos by Leonel Monroy  |  Video by Angel Dominguez

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