Video+Story: Nixon Kindergarteners Learn Water Science Thanks to Bubbles

Bubbles filled the halls of Nixon Elementary School on Thursday. But it wasn’t a recreation of the Lawrence Welk Show or the arrival of the Wizard of Oz’s Good Witch of the North.

The sudsy fun was coming from the Northeast school’s annual Bubble Fest — a hands-on, interactive science lesson meant to teach kindergarten students all about water.

“We learned about water and talked about the water cycle and clouds,” said teacher Donna Pino-Lopez. “We want to give them an experience, so that when they are taking a test they have that picture in their brain and make that connection.”

Pino-Lopez started the bubble lesson ten years ago as part of a grant, and since then has kept it going thanks to parents and volunteers who have donated both supplies and their time.

“The students love it,” she said. “I have had fourth- and fifth-graders come up to me and tell me they remember this event, which is great because that means that experience stayed with them.”

Students throughout the lesson cycle through ten stations to learn about concepts like water cohesion and measurement. Most of all, the event provides a perfect opportunity to get students out of their seats and have fun — a key component of EPISD’s Active Learning Framework.

Kindergartner Emmee Vogt enjoyed her time at the exploration station, using a plastic berry basket to blow hundreds of bubbles at once.

“I learned about the bubbles and water,” she said. “I like making bubbles. It’s really fun.”

Student Ethan Adams smiled from ear to ear working on his soapy concoction, mixing bubbles with a whisk to make a foam tower. 

“We have learned about where we get some water,” he said. “Water is really, really important because we need it to drink.”

Parent Sara Tolbert just moved to El Paso but was happy to volunteer and experience the event with her son John.

“We are having a great time. My son has been excited about this since the beginning of the school year,” she said. “It’s such a treat to get to see him and his classmates having fun and learning.”

Story by Alicia Chumley |  Photos by Leonel Monroy  |  Video by Raymond Jackson/EPISD