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Video+Story: SISD student-athletes celebrated in 2021 Virtual Spring Games in honor of James P. Butler

On Friday, the Socorro Independent School District unveiled the 2021 Virtual Spring Games in honor of James P. Butler.

The annual event, presented for the first time in a virtual format, showcases the abilities and talents of students with special needs who participated in running and walking track events.

“I am so proud of our numerous student-athletes who trained hard and gave it their all to participate in this year’s event,” Dr. Espinoza said. “There is no stopping Team SISD and there is no stopping our awesome student-athletes who were ready to compete and show us their talent and determination. They work hard, have an I can do it attitude and never give up!”

Photo courtesy SISD

The virtual event was a safe and engaging way to continue the much-celebrated Spring Games in Socorro ISD. District officials share that the games bring together numerous athletes, family members, volunteers, educators, and community members.

The students trained and put their heart, soul, and determination in the running and walking events at home, in their neighborhoods, andat school with the support and encouragement of their parents, families, teachers, therapists, and coaches.

“We always talk about endless opportunities here at SISD,” said Richard Ortega, SISD director of special education. “We did not want COVID to stop us from celebrating our wonderful student-athletes. We had a great turnout, and I could not be happier with this year’s spring games.”

The SISD Special Education department directors, staff members, teachers, adaptive P.E. coaches, therapists, along with school principals, cheerleaders, mascots, and other educators, gathered for a special medal presentation at the high schools.

“We appreciate the district doing all of this for our kids,” said Claudia Rodriguez, a parent from Mission Ridge Elementary School, who took her child to the celebration at Eastlake High School.

The students were delighted to receive their medals.

“I feel very happy,” said Saul Alvarez, freshman at Montwood High School. “I’m happy and I’m having fun because I missed my teachers and my friends.”

Many of the student-athletes were excited to see the school staff, principals, and the celebration in their honor.

“I am having a great time and I am very happy,” said Mark Hunt, sophomore at Socorro High School. “My teachers are the best and I missed them a lot.”

Photo courtesy SISD

The parents and families were appreciative that their children were able to participate in the 2021 Spring Games, which evoked heart-warming moments and marked special memories for all who participated.

“Any time you can see the joy in a kid’s face, not just mine, it’s an amazing feeling,” said James Brandon, a parent from Capt. Walter E. Clarke Middle School.

“Kids always remember the good things, and these are the moments we try to embrace and let them remember as much as possible.”

The dynamic video presentation of this year’s Spring Games features students at all grade levels who participated in 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 meter runs and walks.

Their athletic abilities were captured in photos and videos by parents and family members for the first-ever virtual Spring Games.

The engaging video features the annual highlights of the event, including the parade of athletes, the national anthem performed this year by Mario Gurrola from Montwood Middle School, the Special Olympics Oath recited by Derek Kemp from Capt. Walter E. Clarke Middle School, a special welcome from SISD Superintendent José Espinoza, Ed.D., the action of the students participating in the athletic events, the medal presentation for the athletes in a drive-by event at the high schools in the district, and a closing message from the SISD Special Education department directors.

To see the photo gallery of the medal presentation for the 2021 Virtual Spring Games in honor of James P. Butler, click here.