• May 18, 2022
 Video+Story: ‘Testify’ Set to Explore El Paso’s Most Interesting Criminal Cases

Video+Story: ‘Testify’ Set to Explore El Paso’s Most Interesting Criminal Cases

Come late October, true crime aficionados will have an opportunity to delve into some of the Sun City’s most interesting criminal cases.

The Testify Podcast, the brainchild of Charlie Moreno and Andra Litton, will use official police reports, court records and documents, as well as interviews with key persons and witnesses to bring the cases to life.

Unlike standard news coverage of the cases or trials, Testify will reintroduce and walk listeners through each case, step-by-step with details and sound not heard in years.

Moreno brings his experience as a skip tracer, bail bondsman, bounty hunter, and producer to the Podcast to not only track down the documents and backgrounds of those involved in the cases, but to bring those case to life.

Charlie adds, ” I have always been interested in the criminal justice system and I have always had an addiction to creating original material…I love reading police reports and court documents and occasionally have attended various criminal trials out of sheer interest.”

Litton’s experience combines both professional and first-hand exposure to crime.  Her love for true crime began in 1994 with the infamous case of James Patrick Bradley, and her mother trying to shield her as local media aired photographs of Suzy Hahn Bradley’s severed head.

She goes on to explain, “It wasn’t until the unimaginable murder of my friend, Esme Barrera, on New Year’s Day 2012 in Austin did I really start to think about the lifelong effect that these crimes had on survivors…Charlie and I bonded over a love of not only true crime, but a desire to tell the victim’s stories in a respectful way that honors their legacies and doesn’t glorify their deaths.”

Set to launch on October 22nd, the podcasts will be available through most podcast apps, including Apple and Google, as well as Radio Public. For more information, users can visit their Facebook page as well.

In partnership with the Herald-Post, users can listen to Testify Podcasts via our webpage, or download them via the Testify webpage.

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