Video+Story: The Wondering Latina – El Paso’s Beloved “Babygirl”

If you have ever read any of my previous columns then you know how much I love our city. I can’t tell you the amount of pride that rushes through when I meet a fellow El Pasoan around the country.

This past weekend one of my favorite El Pasoans was celebrating a HUGE milestone.

Like many of you, I have been a fan of Leslie Quezada – better known as Les of ‘Les Do Makeup‘ – for more than over a year. Leslie is technically a MUA (Makeup Artist) but really she is so much more.

Every Tuesday and Thursday night, we all stop what we’re doing – ‘we’ meaning 50 thousand viewers around the nation – log on and hang out with her for “Girls’ Night.”

I don’t wear makeup and I don’t even own a set of makeup brushes and yet I watch her Facebook lives religiously.

Les is an everyday Mexican-American, border girl, just like me. She is completely herself with us all the time, she speaks to us just like we speak to our friends, complete with self humor, like telling us that with a full beat she is a “catfish 10.”

Whether her weekly videos are a makeup look, baking a cake, a clothes haul or a “chisme live” (my favorite) we have all loyally tuned it to support our favorite “Babygirl.”

I have seen Les’ influence reach the farthest places, last year I was on the campaign trail and I was talking to a voter and noticed how pretty her eye makeup was and I complimented her on her skills, to which she replied “I watch this MUA and learned from her,” it was Les and we both ended up laughing and bonding over the latest Les live.

Months later in a completely different city, I was working on a different campaign and the other Latina in the office said “oh wow your voice, you kind of remind of this girl I watch on Facebook live, she’s from El Paso” and I screamed out “OMG LES!” and we both screamed “BABYGIRL!” you would have thought we were tween girls at a BTS concert, again we bonded over Les.

These weekly visits/sessions with Les have become a space of sisterhood for Latinas, where we can escape our daily lives and laugh and chismear.

We have watched her glow up happen right before our eyes, last year she launched her first liquid lipstick collection collaboration with the Los Angeles based company, LiveGlam.

She has taken us on the journey as she and Alex purchase their (our) first home, a few weeks ago she officially launched her merchandise line and most recently this past weekend was the launch party for her first eye shadow collection (that will be sold nationwide) tickets for the event sold out in less than 8 minutes, fans drove in from all over, as far as Dallas, Eagle Pass etc, to show love and support for our girl, Les.

I recently watched her YouTube video on the palette creation where she walked us through the names of each shade – including one named “915” – I was in tears, “I can’t brother.”

To know her is to love her. With over 1 million followers, her loyal Babygirl squad, her own Les vocabulary and hashtags, her star is on the rise; so the fact that she is building her future here, means the world to me, to us.

She loves El Paso the way we do, she comes from where we come from and she knows life the way we know life, she is a UTEP graduate, so to see her win big in life is like a win for all of us too, for the entire city.

Les, we are so proud of you, thank you for always being you and for reppin’ the Sun City in all you do, El Paso loves you, continue to shine bright Babygirl!


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