• May 18, 2022
 Virtual town hall at NMSU invites statewide input for Clean Energy Economy Roadmap

New Mexico State University Chancellor Dan Arvizu visited a solar energy facility at Sandia National Labs. Arvizu will address the Clean Energy Economy Town Hall, Aug. 5. | Photo courtesy NMSU

Virtual town hall at NMSU invites statewide input for Clean Energy Economy Roadmap

Stakeholders from across New Mexico are invited to contribute to the formation of a Clean Energy Economy Roadmap as part of a virtual town hall to be held August 5.

The Clean Energy Economy Town Hall is hosted by New Mexico State University’s Innovation and Commercialization for a Regional Energy Workforce project.

As a clean energy industry matures within the state, the associated commercial, educational, workforce and entrepreneurial opportunities for rural and urban centers alike are expanding. The town hall’s intent is to inform a roadmap, designed to harness regional opportunities through regional stakeholder input, in support of a clean energy ecosystem in New Mexico.

Project partners include NMSU’s College of Engineering, Arrowhead Center, Indian Resources Development and the North American Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative, the New Mexico-based think tank. The i-CREW project is funded by a $750,000 U.S. Economic Development Administration grant with an equal amount of in-kind contributions from various statewide partners.

The i-CREW Clean Energy Economy Roadmap will explore how to develop an expanded clean energy economy in New Mexico, creating a path for new, well-paying clean energy jobs in clean energy development and delivery, new manufacturing and business start-ups, and technology and innovation through economic and workforce development.

The roadmap will provide a set of specific recommendations and actions that will directly benefit communities across the state. To that end, NAIMI has organized 12 geographically distinct clusters to represent the unique regional perspectives that will provide input for the roadmap.

Town hall participants will learn about the i-CREW project, have the opportunity to contribute ideas and feedback during breakout and roundtable discussions, and be invited to consider involvement in the regional clusters.

View the town hall agenda and register to attend via this website or call 575-646-7852. There is no cost to participate but advance registration is required.

The virtual town hall will be hosted on NMSU’s Zoom platform from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Aug. 5.

Author: Sara Patricolo – NMSU


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